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Pat and Mat celebrates his fortieth birthday on the big screen

Pat and Mat celebrates his fortieth birthday on the big screen Let's wish Pat and Mata all the best in cinema! There is no need to introduce characters Pat and Mat, who entertained and having fun umpteenth generation only child viewers.

Both stories are based on DIY manual clumsiness, but even if the work is not to the liking fails, always end up happy; which proves the familiar gesture a sign of good work. Their humor and optimism is the main engine of the famous animated series and won many a child's heart. This is evident in the success of the series, not only for Czech and Slovak screens, but also abroad (Poland, France, Holland and such. Iran). Pat and Mat waited those 90 episodes on the Czech market was also released several CDs and audio book editions.

Beginnings known twos dates back to 1976 when artist and director Lubomir Benes together with Vladimír Jiránek created the pilot movie "survey". Since 1979 he created the show "... that's it!" At the Short Film Prague to Bratislava studio Czechoslovak Television, where both yourselfers They acquired its definitive shape.

After a brief pause, then in 1985 we continued to shoot directly for the Short Film Prague. During this period, both characters got their names "Pat and Mat". After the revolution in other parts of creating animation studios Aif, Bonton Zlín Atelier, Anima and ultimately studio Patmos. For the study of Patmos Ltd. stands Marek Benes, director and screenwriter in one person, who is the son of Lubomir Benes, one of the fathers of the two clumsy handymen.

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