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Prevent headaches is healthier than cure

There is a fairly common condition that many people are able to completely put out of action. We are talking about headaches. To prevent this inconvenience did not return so often, it takes at least something in life to change.

Headaches are the most widespread and the most common health problems. The World Health Organization estimates that about 4% of adults are struggling with this difficulty up to 15 days a month. Headaches can solve drug therapy, but more effective is preceded by t. There are factors that can not influence - the weather, hormonal changes in the body (menstruation, ovulation or menopause in women), gender (higher incidence of headache was observed in females). The second group consists of officials but that can change.

More sleep, less nerves

Among modifiable trigger headaches include:
Stress. It causes many health problems, including problems with his head.
Drinking alcohol (especially red wine).
Increased sensory stimulation. It is mainly stay in very noisy environments, flashing lights, irritating smell.
Dehydration. Insufficient daily fluid intake may also be cause of pain.
Lack or excess of sleep. It is optimal to rest lasting 8 hours a day.
Irregular regime. It is recommended to get up every day and go to bed at the same time, adhere to fixed time between meals etc.

People suffering from headaches, experts recommend keeping a diary to help identify the cause of problems. Recorded should be everything you eat or drink in question. Furthermore, all the drugs that are consumed per day, the normal mode (sleep time, time to get up) and physical activity. It also should be written every headache along with uncontrollable factors such as weather or hormonal changes.

Breaks for the eyes and back

If the headache is bound to work at a computer or other sedentary jobs, we should heed the following prevention tips:
Think of good posture.
If you feel pain when sitting neck, try to release it in a circular motion. Headaches may be the one area of ​​the cervical spine.
Try to look away from the screen every time as much as possible. To avoid excessive eyestrain.
Computer screen set to the correct position so that it is at eye level.

Try to be ahead

Headaches can interfere with daily activities and often prevents the patient in any activity. It is therefore desirable to prevent difficulties. Help regime measures, adequate fluid intake, regular lifestyle and movement. While pain medications can be suppressed, but they should be taken as a last resort.

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