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Consumer Day - What has changed this year?

When US President JF Kennedy March 15, 1962 announced the basic consumer rights, determine the new direction in view of the customer as the weaker party requiring extra care and protection. March 15 was then in 1983 declared the day consumers. Even after more than 50 years since the proclamation of fundamental rights of the customers, however, still room for improvement. So what this year has brought to Czech consumers?

Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest summarizes important news that Czech consumers will facilitate the application of rights to the retailers and amendments related to electricity and gas supplies.

News related to the enforcement of consumer rights.

The amendment to the Consumer Protection Act docked from February 1 long-awaited system of alternative dispute resolution. Disputes on ordinary consumer life, such as wrongly rejected claim or unreturned money during withdrawal, it is possible to contact the Czech Trade Inspection. In addition to the Czech Trade Inspection also help Czech Telecommunications Authority, Energy Regulatory Office and the Financial Arbiter.

Solve problems concerning contracts with financial institutions to consumers is not easy, just knowing the contracts and business conditions for the ordinary mortal can pose difficulties. Since the beginning of February, people have a new opportunity to defend themselves as building societies, loan sharks and merchants investment. The law expanded the powers of the financial arbitrator who decides disputes in a variety of consumer finance.

On 15 February 2016 the European Commission launched a platform through which consumers can resolve disputes with traders online. Facilitate a particular border disputes and eliminate the fear of buying by European traders. Although EU Member States have under the regulation on online dispute resolution (ODR) to determine the points of contact, the date of launch platform large part of them was missing.

Big changes this year has also seen consumer rights in the energy sector.

From 1 January 2016 it is possible to terminate the contract for the supply of electricity or gas closed so. Distance, therefore, typically via telephone or the internet or off business premises within 15 days of commencement of supply. While the old legislation allowed to withdraw from the contract only within 5 days before the start of deliveries. The right to withdraw from such contract within 14 days from its conclusion in accordance with the Civil Code while editing maintained.

Another novelty is the duty of the Energy Regulatory Office to publish draft legislation published in its scope and consulting with those directly affected. So it happened recently, for example, at the suggestion of the new tariffs, from which it was with regard to the observations of consumer discontinued.

Do Energy Act with effect from 1 January 2016 expressly added obligation of suppliers to provide complete and truthful information needed to select and change supplier, ie. Data on the duration of the contract, the notice period and contractual penalties for early termination.
Changed the rules for accounting of heat. Even in the apartment, which is not heated, the owner pays the cost of heating per m2 at 80% of average heat consumption, compared to the original 60%. Conversely, households with higher consumption may pay the heating costs calculated per m2 up to twice the average consumption of heat, while earlier you pay more than 40% of average consumption.

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