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Aerial photography reveals heat loss, diseased trees and missing traffic signs

Aerial survey of earth's surface is used in many fields of human activity. Aerial maps at website or Google knows about everyone. Photographing the field of aircraft, or drone, however, must be applied when assessing the energy performance of buildings, can display images must be sick tree, which could threaten the park visitors. Check with us for a few attractions of aerial photography.

Orthophotomap is only one of the products

Orthophotomap, therefore photograph the earth's surface, which, however, is placed in a coordinate system, a precise scale and orientation to the cardinal, is just one of the results of aerial photos. "Data that cameras in the plane can take is several times more, making the possibilities of aerial photography significantly expands. Large-format digital cameras take pictures, for example, also in the infrared spectrum and hyperspectral images. Of these, it is possible to create specialized maps of vegetation, thermal maps, flood maps and terrain models, "describes a wide range of technology of aerial photography Drahomíra Zedníčková, CEO TopGis that geoinformation.

Aerial photography to maps is very difficult to forecast

While conventional aircraft can fly in almost any weather, photography requires a perfectly cloudless sky. Snímkování it may also occur only in certain times of day when even on the country are not very noticeable shadows. While on routine landscape photography conjures up in the morning or evening shadows nice effects when aerial photography are a nuisance. Rainy and unstable weather are not experts in aerial photography happy. Conversely, due to last year's summer heat with a high percentage of sunny days we succeeded nasnímkovat greater part of the surface of the Czech Republic than usual.

The plane is equipped with multiple cameras, it starts to shoot from drones

Large format camera for aerial photography is less than seventy kilograms heavy equipment with eight lenses. The camera produces photos with the size of 23,010 x 14,790 pixels. Each frame represents 260 megapixels and 842 megabytes of data. Images can be up to 3 cm per pixel, commonly but photographs with a resolution of 12.5 cm / pixel or 5 cm / pixel. After scanning quality pětikamerovým system you can also capture 3D display maps. For photographing smaller areas and specific buildings or land they are also increasingly using drones. They have cheaper to operate, but due to the limited load capacity and range, their activity is still low.

Images can be used to research the history of the landscape

Aerial photography is also applied in archaeological and cultural-historical research. Aerial photography complemented by laser measurement, for example, can provide an accurate picture of the terrain relief in wooded or overgrown landscape. Easily identify such must still employed or even extinct trails and remnants of human habitation. And even if they are hidden under forest cover.

Photographing reveal diseased trees or illegal logging in the forest

Images in the infrared spectrum may very well need to detect diseased trees in parks and in urban areas. Although tree light images may look like a healthy, infrared image reveals a faster loss of chlorophyll and targeted inspection of the tree dendrologist are already implemented in selected trees. Timely cut tree can protect lives, aviation picking diseased trees saves money. In favor of forest owners can use the processed time series of aerial photographs. Specialist company can identify not only the larger clearings, but even individual losses of large trees, quantify and localize production volumes in detail.

Czech Republic is completely photographed every two years

Shooting earth's surface from the plane and subsequent technical processing of images is technologically challenging process. Czech Republic boasting a very good database of scanned data, which is part of orthophotos and panoramic images can be viewed in a mapping application server "Aerial images are refreshed every annuity each year, half of photographing the Czech Republic. So people on the web can see very actual images of terrain throughout the Czech Republic. For those interested in professional then run a specialized portal where the orthophoto enable accurate and viewing layers cadastre, maps, technical networks, land use plans or any custom layers, "concluded Drahomíra Zedníčková.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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