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The first water park in the backyard was in America for the first time spoken word wellness in the 1

The first water park in the backyard was in America for the first time spoken word wellness in the 1 Leisure activities at pools, water slides ridging and relax in the wellness trend is not until today. Hardly anyone knows that the term wellness was first made in the 17th century. Its roots can be traced back to ancient times. Frolicking in the pools and water slides in akvaparcích people already popular in the 40s of the 20th century. Come with us on a journey into the history of saunas, water slides and wellness culture.

Although the Czech Republic started the word wellness decline to around 2007, its origins go back much further. The term first appeared on the pages of the book monograph by Sir A. Johnson in 1654. At that time took the form of "wealnesse" and correspond to the definition of good health. Four hundred years later by an American physician Dr. Halbert L. Dunn formed into a label that we know today, a "wellness". Modern expression consisted of the concepts of "wellbeing" and "fitness" or "happiness" and featured a lifestyle oriented towards achieving this elevated state of physical and mental well-being.

Wellness culture
developed since ancient times, along with the spa, so sooner rather governed the medical treatments with the help of hot springs. Cradle of the first wellness was ancient Rome and Greece. Even today jihomoravský Aqualand Moravia stands on the site of the former Roman baths. "Aqualand Moravia people can find space in the oldest spa towns in the Czech Republic. We're talking about time more than 2,200 years ago. Then there were camped soldiers of the Roman Tenth Legion. And even then could go to the baths, which were actually fired, "said director Peter Pavlacký Aqualand Moravia. Popular sauna in turn comes from the cold north - from Finland. But be careful! Archaeologists have evidence that steam and hot baths, saunas primitive predecessor, enjoyed the people in the 5th century BC. The idea sauna also outlined physician Hippocrates two thousand years ago. Even then, because he knew that the heat and the sweat is good for human health.

The name comes from the Finnish sauna

It is said that the true forerunner of the sauna, which we know today, is a Russian bath banjo. Informed about it Nestor's annals of 1206. Also in America they knew the steam sauna before the arrival of Columbus. Their variants used by people in Central America, the North American Indians and Eskimos. For the native land of modern saunas may be regarded as being in Finland, which gave it the current name and where people use it for more than three centuries. Sauna is even used as a hospital, because it belonged to nejsterilnějším places far and wide. Original Finnish sauna was smoke.

Saunas in our country appeared in the 20th century. They had the form of wooden boxes, stuffed with moss, with a hole in the ceiling and fireplaces located in the corner. The first sauna in Bohemia constructed at a summer camp in Borovets by Stephen Associate Professor Frantisek Vojta in 1936. The first public sauna was then opened 10 years later in Brno-Pisárky. Over the years, the sauna between the Czech inhabitants gained considerable popularity. And that continues today. "Finnish sauna and today are popular, thanks to its temperature of 95 degrees. The ideal time sauna is fifteen minutes. Time spent in a Finnish sauna relaxes the airways, regenerates and detoxifies the body, has a beneficial effect on the psyche and heart. It also serves as a prevention against allergies, and boosts immunity, "said Pavlacký.

The first water parks were created in the '40s in America

Many wellness treatments today, people can also enjoy when visiting a selection of the centers at home and abroad. Water parks are first introduced to the world in the late 40s and 50s of the last century. At that time, however, they form only a few slides. Plan first adventure and adrenalin attraction was born probably in the backyard of American Phil Dexter. This has helped to produce a device for artificial waves. With Phil's using was founded in 1969 in Tempe, Arizona on behalf of Big Surf water park, which is open today. "Water parks in today's version has a long history. The first modern waterpark season began only in 1977. The oldest water world is in Orlando, Florida, "says Peter Pavlacký.

It is interesting that the first water park, hidden under the roof was built in 1985 in Edmond, Alberta as an area of ​​nearly 76 thousand square meters he still holds first place as the largest indoor water center in the world.

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