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Senators are trying to empower consumers against operators

Passed first reading in the Senate proposal of a group of senators who are trying to rectify předloňské changes that weakened consumer relationship with operators. These are mainly unilateral changes to the contract and to terminate the contract. However, there are attempts to drop a proposal on the table.

In November 2014 came into force an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, which greatly facilitated the position of operators. Indeed enable them to more easily changed without the consent of the customer contract, without ever having demonstrably informed. "The proposal we are criticized, but operators are especially powerful lobby among MPs. Enacted that demonstrably consumer must be informed only in case of a change for the worse, and only when a fixed-term contract, "says Milos Borovicka legal adviser Dtest, adding:" Operators have come to a conclusion for them practically nothing and can not change any of its terms, including the price and scope of services, which use it. "

The new proposal would establish that virtually all changes should the consumer be informed verifiable manner. It also gives him the opportunity to withdraw from the contract, which is a natural reaction to change, with whom disagree. He straightened would be a legal relationship with the operator and the consumer who regained the rights for which it has prepared a parliamentary initiative two years ago.

The second part of the proposal would allow consumers to change operators quite quickly, because they would have to transfer the number to four days from the moment the consumer so requests. Today it takes the settlement of mutual obligations and porting numbers more than 40 days. "At first glance, the proposal seems to be for operators to draconian, but if slightly adjusted, gets the consumer into the hands of means, so that he could behave very marketable and choose from the best offers in real time. Strengthening market elements will increase competition, thus improving the price and service, "says Juniper, adding:" The consumer but must think that if he has a commitment for a fixed period, it can namely be terminated prematurely and change, but the change will increase the cost of severance pay. " that for early withdrawal may be up to one-fifth of the remaining lump sums or return the benefits received by the consumer.

During the discussion circulated among senators sheet of paper, which featured arguments against adopting the draft. The author senators tried to convince that the proposal is against consumers, and particularly socially weaker impossible to shop reportedly favored smart phones. "This argument is ridiculous, when you look into offers operators on the internet, you will find that their prices are not more advantageous than e -Shop. Additionally, operators have recently come up with a model that favored the phone is not linked to the contract fee, but it is a form of installment sales credit, "comments Milos gin.

Even during the negotiations fell opinions that the proposal gives consumers too rights, which is ultimately damaging. "According to some senators, it seems natural that the operator of the contract adhere need not and can practically make any change during their performance, but the consumer would -Early completion changing shrewdly exploited. We can only hope that the proposal despite the obvious resistance operators and their lobbies succeed in these committees dopilovat and then approve, "says Juniper.

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