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Dangerous Liaisons by komodo dragons

For komodo dragons - as with other animals and ultimately humans - the first meeting future partners end up a success or a fiasco also proper. The Prague Zoo is therefore eagerly anticipated the outcome of the first meeting Raunchy female and the male Stříbřenky Rakastanem. This is because the male versus female only younger and smaller, but also very shy, so breeders have had some doubts about the success of the meeting.

The male Rakastan hatched August 5, 2011 in Los Angeles and came to Prague in the framework of mutual exchange in June next year. Compared with peers Prague was from the beginning a little sickly and weak. Raunchy and female Stříbřenka originate from breeding and Prague Zoo hatched in the 22nd and 26th August 2010. The trio also experienced evacuation during floods in 2013.

At the end of 2015 came in young females finally the right time for the first of gestation. For Komodo is very important not to miss this opportunity, because it also prevents the possible reproductive difficulties that might arise in the future, too. On the small male and shy but she was ready challenging exam. There could come a danger that female young male accept or even think of. "The whole trio was from November 2015 placed in quarantine in boxes so that they are in visual and odorous contact and get to know," he describes preparations for face to face meetings curator of reptiles Petr Velenský .

In early April, all three lizards moved into the enclosure in the rear, but females remain closed in the pits and the male and were allowed to adjust to their new environment and accept it as their territory. After one week, then all three were soon to be sure individuals properly fed and were finally released female to male. "To our great surprise, the male from the beginning to females behaved submissively. March 20 we observed the first signs of courtship, they escalated, Raunchy females started to react positively and 26 March were mating, "says curator of reptiles Petr Velenský.

Rakastan Thus, in his great life passed the test, and in about a month, so maybe the female Raunchy squeezed her first brood.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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