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How to sort waste or Where the old furniture, electrical or drugs

With spring comes the often big spring cleaning under which households rid of anything that is unnecessary, old and dysfunctional. Every year there is a huge amount of waste, which inappropriate disposal burdens the environment. Therefore, it is important to know how to effectively deal with waste and how to sort.

What we may put into bins for mixed waste, what needs to be sorted out in colorful containers and let you take them to a specialized collection point?
This survey will ease the process of sorting waste.

With old furniture and skis around a collection point

During the spring cleaning often we encounter on larger pieces of old furniture, carpets, sinks, as well as bicycles, skis or snowboard. Into the category of bulky waste, yet it has a large mirror or sink. Such waste is perfect drive into the collecting yard. Before he takes him to a collection center, keep in mind that bulky waste, such as a closet or bed, it is necessary to adjust the volume, thus decompose or disassemble on board. The second option where the bulk waste surrender are containers for bulk waste. Villages organize this collection of community. At each village the same time, depending on how often leave containers for bulk waste lay. Usually twice a year, in the context of the spring and autumn cleaning.

Old electrical and return them to the place of return

In each household commonly found wrappers diluents, colors, oils or adhesives. In this type of waste is necessary to be prudent, fall into the category of hazardous waste. Those while not belong to any of the containers or household waste, it is necessary to take them to a collection point. Old appliances, such as televisions, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, washing machine or a computer belonging to return. "Old appliances can be submitted by retailers of electrical appliances in the regime piece by piece or in the context of green projects, such as a green company, Green School or green village take into special boxes placed in schools, businesses and municipalities. The project Be lazy is also possible to book their free removal from the house, "said David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which is engaged in taking back old electrical appliances and batteries." Waste is nowadays increasingly regarded as a raw material intended for further use until a complete write-off. Today, due to the proper recycling of electrical earn up to 98% of the original materials back, "said Vandrovec.

Another dangerous type of waste fluorescent tubes, batteries and accumulators. "In every Czech households now occurs on average 8 used batteries, which means that 35 million batteries used at home lying around in various boxes or drawers," said Radim Tlapak of . Used batteries and accumulators that are improperly discarded, may seriously affect the environment. After some time of release of harmful substances, particularly heavy metals that can contaminate soil and ground and surface water. "Used and batteries or rechargeable batteries can be deposited free of charge at many places that are designated as places of return," he added Tlapak.

Mercury thermometers and medicines to pharmacies

Hazardous waste can also be considered a plastic bottle from washing gels, fabric softeners or disinfectant. If you are not completely devoid of residual fluids in containers for plastics belong. Hazardous wastes are classified and drugs and mercury thermometers. Best to deal with them directly in pharmacies, where they are placed special collection container. If medication is flushed into the toilet, for example, the dissolution could cause great harm not only groundwater but also in landfills, where they come from bins with mixed waste.

Old books and papers belonging to the blue containers

During the cleaning we will often encounter a number of old books, magazines, brochures or books. When discarding only a few books, you can throw in a container on a paper. But you need to be careful to make them stayed Hardcover. A container for papers can be placed old newspapers, books, magazines, leaflets and even office paper clips. Remember that, in yellow containers are not dirty or greasy paper, tissues or paper towels.

For glass intended green or white container for mirrors not

Annually in green containers for glass blowing several tons of glass and glass products that do not belong them. When cleaning the kitchen, for example, often we encounter older unused pieces of glass vases, jars or cans. This waste is disposed of in green or white container. Stained Glass Place the green container and clear glass container in white. The sorted glass, he is not necessary to crush, will be further sorted.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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