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Traveling in Mexico: risk still increasing

Central American countries in the last years of the war convulsed the drug cartels and rising crime. Mexico and apart from monuments and exotic wildlife travelers and adjusts its dark face. On any journey to the land of the Aztecs is therefore required thorough preparation.

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. Lives are approximately 9,000,000 inhabitants, almost the same number as in the Czech Republic. Mexican metropolis plagued by an unprecedented wave of crime and other problems, especially air pollution, water shortages, poor infrastructure and poverty. According to estimates dwell on the street and in the suburban slums of thousands of people. In recent years, the increasing number of cases of armed robbery and theft directed against the citizens of our country.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and encourages travelers to exercise caution. Assault or robbery threatens almost anywhere, they are very dangerous especially following areas:
Tlalpan, Guerrero, Iztapalapa and around the airport, downtown district Tepito and Garibaldi, Cuautitlan Izcalli, Ecatepec, Naucalpan, Chalco, Tlalnepantla.

After the capital is not advisable to move at night, especially in the center and Zona Rosa, where a large number of hotels and nightclubs. They are attractive to criminals. It is also necessary to exercise caution when traveling mass means and nearby subway stations Tacuba, Tacubaya, observatory, Barranca del Muerto, Chapultepec and Pantitlan.

In captivity drugs

The ministry also warns of any visit to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. In April this year there had been arrested leaders of a drug cartel, and since then the blocking of roads and firefights in which has killed several civilians and members of the military. Because of poor security is also not wise to travel to states on the border with the United States (Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Baja California Norte and Chihuahua) even in Michoacan, where they operate armed militia units. Since the beginning of 2014 with increased criminality also struggling to become Estado de México, which surrounds the capital. Only in January and February 2014 there were recorded 374 cases of murders, of which a third were related to drug trafficking. In the interior presents a potential hazard visit to the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.

Minimize danger

Armed attacks are usually directed against foreign tourists, but it can easily happen that you find yourself at the wrong time, wrong place. For this reason, it is appropriate to:
traveling in a group of at least 3 persons
funding split and stored in multiple locations,
Do not wear flashy and expensive clothes or jewelry,
do not move around the city at night,
not to visit remote places.

Still alert

In recent years, also worsened the security of traveling by public transport or taxi. It is best to order the so-called "radio cab". At airports and bus stations again are fast "taxi autorizado" that were safer but more expensive alternative movement. In recent times because there were several cases of kidnappings black cab drivers. Now this issue in recent years is quite a thorny issue. Criminals abduct locals and tourists to obtain a ransom. In bars and restaurants Never leave food or drink unattended. In the past, some cases of robbery or kidnapping people under the influence of drugs, which they were added to the diet. Hazardous types are also often disguised as policemen. If you would like someone unreasonably fine, require at least an identification badge. Foreign visitors may also be targeted by street artists. Be wary of any requests for financial assistance, and in any case not to share your personal information.

Restless is the nature

The world-famous volcano Popocatepetl is now officially closed due to an increased risk of eruptions and frequent aftershocks. In the case of output to another famous volcano Iztaccíhuatl is necessary to respect the warnings. Mexico is not least also a country with frequent earthquakes. Travelers should therefore be familiar with the relevant safety instructions, which are usually placed in accommodation establishments. Especially among the Indian population, then not shoot images. Before taking snapshots it is better to ask the person or the property owner for permission. It should be noted that for photography is usually requested fee.

The ancient Aztecs country has recently witnessed a high increase in crime. Before any travel to Mexico is so necessary to obtain current safety information, for example on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For a quiet and safe journey without complications it is recommended to take out travel insurance which will come in handy not only in case of full emergency.

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