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Zootropolis: Animal city

Zootropolis: Animal city Over the 92 years of its existence, created by Walt Disney Animation Studios large number of notable movies with talking animals - from the debut short film Steamboat Willie Mickey Mickey to films such as Bambi, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Robin Hood or The Lion King. Now, returning to the world of animals in film Zootropolis: City animal.

Animal Zootropolis modern metropolis is a city like no other. Only in Zootropolisu find upscale neighborhood as Neighborhood Sahara or cold tundra. It is a magnificent city, in which animals live together from all corners of the world. It is a metropolis where you can be anyone, regardless of whether you're a giant elephant or a little mouse. But when he comes to town optimistic guardhouse Judy Hopkavá finds that to be the first rabbit in the police force big and tough animals is no fun. And because everyone wants to prove that it has jump at the first opportunity to tackle challenging and puzzling case, even if it means taking the party into the garrulous and all ointments cunning fox Nick Wilde.

"We all grew up on animal movies Disney - we took those worlds completely absorb," says director Byron Howard. "My favorite film from childhood was Robin Hood and we wanted his legacy to honor, but an entirely new and different way, which will still more complex. At the very beginning, we asked ourselves how the city looked around animals which would animals and itself proposed. That idea seemed very interesting to us. "

"In its essence it is a film about Zootropolis Eleven," says director Rich Moore. "Judy and Nick - rabbit and fox - are the natural enemies. So together these two figures do not rely too well at first. They have one of the other different ideas and beliefs - which are misguided and misleading. "

According to Howard is that together the two buddies do not run, is the main source of humor throughout the film. "Judy is an eternal optimist who believes that everyone can become anyone - it is ultimately the motto of the entire city," he says. " Nick sees everything exactly the opposite. It's a cynic. We believe that we are who we are. So we took the country's idealist full of optimism and hope, and set it to the big city next to Nick - realism - and he quite enjoys the opportunity to tighten it. But she has a few trumps in reserve. "

The filmmakers invented and created a vast and detailed world Zootropolisu and settled there 64 species of animals that retain what they are in fact so amazing - but these animals simultaneously talk and wear clothes. "Our team spent 18 months studying the animals' says producer Clark Spencer. "we met with experts on animals from around the world, including those from Disney's animal Kingdom at Walt Disney world. We walked 15,000 kilometers away to Kenya in Africa, we there for two weeks intensively studied animal behavior and character. We wanted each of animal species in the film and he really believable and that his behavior was based on fact. "

"I think all of us this journey to Africa a lot has changed significantly,"
says Jared Bush, who co-wrote the film and also worked as an assistant director. "To find oneself in the presence of hundreds or even thousands of animals is something incredible. We want you in our movie, something like that could be perceived, which involves a lot of work. We came back from that path with a sincere need to convey to the audience the film as far as possible. "

World Zootropolis, which never existed, people, full of diverse animal figures, which are inspired by their real masters. "Our study animals led us into certain roles occupy quite specific animals," says producer Clark Spencer. "We found that African buffalo are tough and relentless - so it made ​​sense that the police chief was just buffalo. We learned that the wildebeest are not very smart, so we realized that we could use for a variety of humorous situations. "

According to Cory Loftis that the film worked as art director for character development began artists his work that again went through the classic Disney films. "The director Byron Howard is a big fan of 2D films like Robin Hood, who is regarded by many as an absolute peak animal animation. We had to figure out a way to preserve what Byron has on the characters so much, and then convert it into a 3D world and gave them a real animal fur and genuine nature. It was hard to find the right balance between stylized characters that work with traditional 2D elements, and what audiences expect from 3D movies. "

Head of character animation and technical animation Dave Komorowski says that the filmmakers enjoyed toying with audience expectations. "Characters in Zootropolisu have their roles and act as the world expects from them. Large African buffalo's police chief, the mayor of a lion, the fox is an impostor. But just when they appear on the scene one innocent rabbit that disturbs this peaceful balance and all the expectations upside down. "

"I think audiences will be surprised by how consistent the way the world is,"
says Komorowski. "In Zootropolis find characters from all corners of the world and of various sizes and shapes. We had a lot of work with it to create a world that will engulf while-reaching its details and uniqueness. I hope that viewers will appreciate the richness and diversity of its characters. "

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