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Emil Zatopek and Alois Nebel in Black Swan

Emil Zatopek and Alois Nebel in Black Swan The exhibition ... If you can not, so add! is inspired by the quote Emil Zatopek, whose one life stage and sport played by Jaromír Švejdík aka Jaromír 99, writer Jan Novak in the comics, whose large-format prints are the backbone of the exhibition at the Art Gallery & Event Black Swan from April 7 to May 30. An important place attract and drawings from the famous Chateau Alois Nebel or supplemented by examples of free creation.

Perhaps the greatest writer of Czech comics last two decades, the original artist, musician, author of the internationally successful film makers shot the Renaissance, who descended from the Jeseníky to appeal to the whole world. Boasting a conscience not only of the Sudetenland, but also the history of our countries past decades. That's a little exaggeration Jaromír Švejdík aka Jaromir 99th

Writer Jan Novak took an interesting event from Zátopkova life when, at the time of the hardest communist darkness in 1952 stood uncompromisingly for his colleague Stanislav Jungwirth and asserted that he could go to the Olympics in Helsinki. "The libretto for Zátopek was originally a screenplay, but when I was offered him work as a comic, just me, the story took a subsequent collaboration with Jan Novak was great, "says Jaromír Švejdík how the subject came and said:" I first worked in comics with colors attracted me shades typical propaganda posters of those years. Brick red, which is quite dominant comics, is typical of Zátopkův Zlín. "

At the exhibition we will find examples of comics Alois Nebel and Castle, which today represent the golden fund of contemporary Czech art. Story processing Jesenik ajznboňáka Alois Nebel won a well-deserved international acclaim, comic motifs Kafka's Castle was nominated for the prestigious international award Will Eisner. The Black Swan comic works will complement the remarkable portraits and silhouettes that author creates an entirely original method of cutting, cutting and layering of paper.

Jaromír 99, whose real name Jaromír Švejdík was born in 1963 in Jesenik. His absolutely original, but communicative and comprehensible artistic expression has the gift to capture the exact mood brief moment, the atmosphere and the point of the story. And it does not matter whether the device is computer graphics, drawing, or specific work with cut-out and laminated paper. The first major milestone Jaromírova work was rough comics from the border Bomber. In this work, and especially in the cult, later made into a film Alois Nebel comics created along with writer Jaroslav Rudiš unique opus, reflecting poetic and complicated history of the Sudetenland, not just Jesenicku. He illustrated many books and fine art znovubjevil also forgotton cutting method. Renaissance Švejdíková personality dimensions significantly affects even the world of music. He was the founder, lyricist, songwriter and singer a series of bands, such as Priessnitz or formica. With a group of Kafka Band performs successfully in audiovisual performances on Kafka motives in the Theater Bremen.

The exhibition ... If you can not, so add! Jaromir 99 black swan can be visited from April 7, 2016 to May 30. It is open on weekends 14 to 19 hours. Or by appointment.

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