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The most common fraudulent sentences peddler. How do they defend?

Doorstep sellers are still largely managed by unfair tactics to persuade customers to switch energy suppliers. Those savings, but instead can lose up to hundreds of dollars if the scammers trick.

Unreliable vendors bypass households with internet seemingly favorable contract terms, while their main purpose is to get through submitted invoices easy access to private data. How to prevent deceitful tactics peddler?

Households are the constant target of traders whose practices can trusting humans get into trouble. According to a survey E.ON with misconduct on the part of the agent met 72% of Czechs. The most common tricks include the offer of a new contract on gas or electricity or even a game on another vendor. "Doorstep selling is still one of the most common problems that we deal with in our free consumer counseling. He was thus in many municipalities banned municipal regulation, "he says about the problem of doorstep selling Thomas Palla, head of personal counseling Consumer Defence Association - Association.

We came to write values ​​to the meter

For workers distribution companies, sales people issued quite often and visiting justify control electricity. "Reading the meter is always announced in advance and is carried out only by representatives of local distribution companies who demonstrate appropriate identity," said Vladimir Vacha problem, spokesman for E. HE. The salesman and the customer can recognize by the fact that a request to check the gauges electricity bills or a contract for the supply of energy, and it describes the data.

How to prevent: The moment you hesitate, whether in your home you let someone, verify his identity, preferably immediately to the appropriate phone line. All information must be consistent with those provided by your supplier. Readings by representatives of local distributors (in the case of electricity, CEZ, E.ON, PRE and in the case of gas RWE Gas and E.ON Prague), who on his arrival always informed in advance.

We have a better offer

One of the tricks that is constantly repeated, is to use the customer's carelessness. It happens that vendors offer a discounted product, but did not mention the fact that it is a contract with a new supplier. In this case, one might not notice that during a conversation directly with the seller was signed two different contracts. Instead copies are held in the hands of a new documentary about the energy supply.
Problems also occur when a person wants to withdraw from the contract. In this case it is useful to become familiar with the current version of the energy bill, which in § 11 contains: "In the case of a contract for the supply of electricity, gas or heat (...) entered into by the customer in the position of the consumer with a licensee of a remote or off premises license holder, runs day deadline for withdrawal under the special Act 1) of its conclusion. "also, according to the civil Code, the consumer may cancel the contract within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract, if it is a service.

How to prevent:
Dealers utilize moments of inattention. Before you sign the documents issued, is a quiet read. A reputable dealer will not push you and provide you with space for staging business conditions and price lists. If you have already signed the contract, you can from it according to the Energy Law to resign within 14 days.

Your supplier has gone bankrupt, but do not worry, we have the solution!

The allegation of termination of the contractor is another common tricks that have only cause stress and inattention. If it does, for example, the collapse of the merchant, Czech legislation provides customers a replacement power supply and sufficient protection. "In the event of bankruptcy of suppliers, customers would get ahead of the report. Consequently, it took the appropriate supplies electricity distributor, the so-called supplier of last resort, defined by the Energy Act. Customers are always given enough time to be able to carefully consider the selection of a new merchant, "explains Vladimir Vacha.

How to prevent: the failed energy supplier and the subsequent solution to this situation is not the responsibility of the salesman. On his offer because you do not respond. Always get this information but you can verify from other available sources, such as the customer service line to your supplier, on his Web site, and so on.

Did you know that you will soon end the contract?

If you peddler arrives to announce the approaching end of your contract or need an extension, probably exceeding his powers. Energy companies offer contracts on a permanent or temporary, with the second of these options usually occurs automatically extended. The contract represents a set of important information that customers arrive by mail. Information about whether you have a contract for a fixed or indefinite period, you have specified in the contract and its terms of trade.

How to prevent: The aim in this case, raise concerns about the customer, which is associated with the termination of the contract and possible consequences. If the vendor will argue termination of the contract, do not be surprised. Its validity can also check directly with your current supplier.

We come to you from the Energy Regulatory Office

Some dealers are not afraid to act in a role that is not for them. In some cases, thus they are posing as employees of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), who come to check - must be properly configured fare or rate.

Peddler may also issue for other suppliers. With this has a negative experience, for example, the energy company E.ON, which no longer uses the classic peddler, but only works with its own trained sales representatives. On its website the company gives a specific description of how people can certainly get to know the merchant E.ON.

How to protect yourself: If your doorbell rings with a person who pretends to be an employee of the ERO, do not hesitate to call the police or contact the ERO, for example, the phone line 564 578 666.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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