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dTest: Packages coffee 2 1 and 3 1 - sugar, bleach and Es

Czechs drink the most supposedly soluble coffee in Europe. Many people prepare drinks accelerate the purchase of soluble coffee blend 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 Instant coffee is not a major component of any of the 20 coffee blends, which explored consumer magazine dTest. That is, in the case of products 2 in 1 glucose syrup, mixtures with 3-in-1 then sugar. The vast majority of products instead of milk contains so. Zbělovače or bleach.

Offer packages of soluble coffee blends of type 3 in 1 or 2 in 1, which usually just pour 150 ml of hot water in the Czech shops rather broad. dTest came across eight brands, which together produce at least 20 kinds of instant coffee mixes.

"If you are buying these products with the idea that contain milk powder and packets 2 in 1 does not contain sugar, you will be disappointed. Read good composition, because even though it appears that the products from each other, very different, the opposite is true. The difference in the content of coffee can be up to one-third, the proportion of sugar to half, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor in chief Dtest.

Although we might expect instant coffee (coffee extract) is the main ingredient of coffee blends. It consists, in the case of products 2 in 1 glucose syrup, mixtures with 3-in-1 then sugar.

"Manufacturers place on the packaging percentage of coffee extract. We miscalculated the percentage of the weight of coffee per serving, and we found that ranges from 2.5 to 0.5 grams, the ordinary can be regarded as serving 2gramovou. Most soluble coffee per serving contains Strong Nescafé 3in1 and 3in1 Jacobs Original, and 2.5, respectively 2.3 grams. In half the cases, sweetened with a 3 in 1 coffee producer but rather saves. Most products contain between 7 and 8% coffee extract, which is 1 to 1.5 grams of coffee per serving. At least the coffee bags include Nescafe Mild where the consumer gets instant coffee 3%, less than half a gram, "says Hana Hoffmann.

If you read through the information on the back cover, there are words bleach or zbělovač, which represents the number 2 in the names of 2-in-1 and 3 in the first Bleach aims coffee color and soften its flavor and replaces the milk product. It consists mainly of glucose syrup and partially or fully hardened fats, coconut or palm kernel. It also contains milk protein, therefore, is not a suitable alternative for allergy sufferers.

"Powdered milk contained only three products, but even those were composed in addition to milk more bleach. Using bleach has resulted in high levels of sugar in coffee blends, even though it is not sweetened, "says Hoffmann and explains:" One example is coffee Jacobs 2in1, which has a sugar content of more than a third of which may surprise you, for example, consumers who are watching your calories or blood sugar. The fault is a glucose syrup, that the manufacture of the bleach used for technological reasons, such as glue. Holding together the individual components, and, unlike glucose-fructose syrup little sweetness and therefore does not affect the overall flavor. The instant mixture 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 can therefore be comparable proportion of sugar, although the taste can not recognize it. "

Ranking in the amount of sugar leads coffee Jacobs Original 3in1 (65.5%), Kaufland Coffee Drink 3in1 (65%) and mocha Liquerino 3in1 (62%). At least sugary sweetened beverage contains 35% sugar (Penny / Casa Blanca 3-in-1), in its category, however, is an exception. All other products containing sugar 1 3v more than 50%. The share of sugar in unsweetened coffee 2-in-1 is most often between 8 and 9%, except for the above Jacobs 2in1 and Lidl / Monte Santos 2in1 Instant Drink (33.5% and 21% sugar). Practically, as in both cases the coffee in a 3 to 1, although only wrap counts to two.

Portioned soluble coffee mixtures of bleach usually contain a relatively wide dosage of additives, especially stabilizers, emulsifiers and anti látkek. They ensure flowability and stability of the mixture and its ease of solubility. Roughly half of coffees contain synthetic flavors. Without additives have done only one product - Mokate 3in1 Liquerino.

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