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Go joints fit right movement!

It happens to you that in the morning you wake up with sore and stiff joints? You can not activate after a long sitting in the car or on the computer? Simple but effective exercises are the way his knuckles again to spur action.

Regular exercise helps improve joint mobility and strengthens muscles that move the apparatus. There are a variety of activities suitable for people who suffer from osteoarthritis, for example. It comes to swimming, yoga and pilates. We can also recommend walking, cycling or water aerobics. To warm up stiff joints can also use several effective stretching exercises.

Targeting the head and shoulders

Stand up, straighten your back and let his hands dangle. Then slowly turn your head to one side. While so be patient until you return to the starting position. Subsequently turn the head to the opposite side. Look up at the ceiling and down at his feet. Gently turn the head clockwise. Raise your arms above your head - first one, then the other, then both. Bend your arms at the elbows and shoulders several touch. Finally, place the hands on the hips and make bows right and left.

Knees and pelvis

Sit on a chair and stretch the leg at the knee. Moment, hold it in the air and then put it back on top of the ground. Repeat with the other leg. Stand up and transfer weight from one foot to the other, then rotate the torso as you would like to see for yourself. It is important to carry out movements slowly and smoothly.

Close your fist

Close your hands into fists and then expand. Concentrate on how you stretch each finger. Then, one after the other, bend back into his palm. Stretch out your hands in front of him and put his palm as if you wanted to say invisible enemy "Stop!" Then, palms bend toward the forearm. Shake hands and rotate their wrists. Do the same with your toes.

During the exercise, remember to breathe regularly. Perform exercises every morning or anytime during the day when you feel the rigidity of the joints.

Source: Rheumatic

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