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Do you have a small allergic? Try to help him immunotherapies

With allergies are faced little children. Most of the speeches are mostly unpleasant. But there are exceptions that can endanger young patient's life. It's all about anaphylactic shock, which appears necessary after a wasp or bee stings. Harden in this way can the body called allergen immunotherapy.

Focus on the cause

Allergen immunotherapy is the only effective way, which is focused on the actual cause of the disease, not only in his speeches. The essence of the method is the administration of gradually increasing doses of the particular allergen. This leads to relieve unpleasant difficulties if they are concerned with the allergen again in future encounters. Allergen immunotherapy does not cure the symptoms, but also the inherent sensitivity of the immune system to a given allergen, on whose basis problems arise. Favorably so:
influences the course of the disease,
prevents hypersensitivity to other allergens,
preventing the onset of complications
such as the development of asthma original allergic rhinitis .

For big and small

Allergen immunotherapy is governed by exactly the rules. It can not be started until after the completion of all tests. They illuminate whether the method is for the individual and specific type of allergy suitable. Regular subcutaneous or sublingual (under the tongue) administration of a precise amount of allergen lasts 3-5 years. Children can begin therapy by 5 years of age (before exceptional). Treatment is used for:
pollen allergies, which are manifested as seasonal allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma ,
acarid allergy, fungal, animal and insect.

If the SIT carried out properly under the supervision of a specialist (allergist), it is a highly effective and safe. Alleviates uncomfortable symptoms associated with hypersensitivity and can prevent serious reactions.

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