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Eleven tips to overpower the sweet tooth

The diabetic diet must be carefully planned in advance. Although the main problem is the sugar in the diet should find space even for a small piece of cake or ice lolly. If you are struggling with the desire to munch every day, we offer a few "painless" tips on how to win.

Why do sweet love so much? During its consumption, it in the brain releases dopamine, a chemical that mediates feelings of happiness. And we want to be happy. Nevertheless limit eating sweets so we suffer.
Start slowly. Reduce sugar intake gradually. Start with sweetened drinks, tea or coffee to watch every day less sugar. Sodas and juices should be diluted with water.
Investigate labels. Look for the hidden source of sugar, such as ketchup, salad dressings or bread and other baked goods. Read the composition of the food and everything you do not understand, search the Internet. You'll be surprised how much sugar you eat well without sweets.
Do not skip meals. Starvation causes a sweet tooth that may become unmanageable. Eat sensibly and in a timely manner.
Try to move. Take a walk or take place when it comes upon you. Scientists have shown that exercise can reduce taste sweet tooth, because the brain produces endorphins, which act like dopamine.
Ask for help.
If the family wants to eat sweet, whether they do so out of your field of vision . When you see the attractions, you will not miss them so much.
Avoid boredom. It is one of the most famous starters sweets. If you go home and relax, try taking it to knit, draw, read or play games. Anything is better than constant pecking goodies.
Bet on substitutes.
Keep on hand a piece of fruit that dispels sweet tooth. If it's a banana or grapes you very much, but it does not help because they contain large amounts of sugar. Better strawberries, blackberries or blueberries, melon or citrus.
Establish rules. For example, decide that you just have dessert once a day. You will feel freer than under the absolute prohibition and you will have something to look forward to. Less stringent rules can also be easily observed.
Chew. Sugarless gum can help curb your appetite.
Brush your teeth often. I dispels toothpaste flavors.
Insert the "trial period". If you get a big sweet tooth, turn need a kitchen timer for 20 minutes. If after this time your craving persists, give yourself a little something. Try, for example frozen dark chocolate. They last longer in the mouth and the taste you better enjoy it.

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