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Famous faces in scenes of Prague

Famous faces in scenes of Prague Unique exhibition of photographs Alena Hrbkova Actors and the city that captures the artist and Prague in unexpected contexts, off on a touring exhibition. On the original portrait you will see, among other things. Stašová Simon, Dan Batulkovou, Petr Stepanek, Jitka sad, Michael Long or Masha Málková.

Photographer Alena Hrbková caught 50 portraits permanent actors and creators of ABC and Rococo theaters in various places of Prague. Some artists have chosen it themselves, for example. Simona Stašová introduced a photographer to Záběhlice, sometimes the environment got together in order to get into the exhibition and unknown corners of Prague, a popular place was again photographed from unusual angles or at an unusual time. Thus arose the evening of Jan Vlasak images and Petr Klimeš the streets with lanterns. With Masha Málková the boat is said to have nearly drowned.

Some members of the Prague Metropolitan Theatres appear, although at popular attractions such as the Charles Bridge (Jaroslav Vlach), Mala Strana (Petr Svojtka near the house where he grew up) or Old Town Square, however in order to avoid the crowds, had often to shoot go well early in the morning: "you would not believe that even at five on the Charles bridge is empty. The Old Town Square, although almost nobody, except us but there still was photographed Korean wedding. And because we wanted to have a photo pigeons, I brought a bag full of rolls. But they had them too! So we are still dragging the pigeons, "he says Alena figured.

Photo shoot took place at altitudes with Veronika Gajerová looked at the roof of Hibernia and Andrew Rabbit on the roof of the Hotel Rococo.

Each portrait is a unique art artifact that conveys the spirit of the place as well as the soul of whom sensitive camera captured. The emergence of such a cycle required a huge effort lasting more than a year and a half, thorough preparation and in some cases repeated search for the best place, time, expression. At each photo shoot was founded on 200 photographs, which are then selected two or three. These in turn regulate even more graphic. The result is an extraordinary exhibition that actor Prague Metropolitan Theatres, the city to which they belong, closer to the unexpected depth and unexpected connections.

In addition to the foyer ABC the images can be viewed from 25 4th-6th 5th at the Centre Cerny Most, 12 to 15 5th at the book fair and the fifth from 23 to 30. 9. in the Old wastewater water Works in.

Alena Hrbková first began photographing theater at the suggestion of director Andrew Hare. Mouth productions Mick Jagger marked the beginning of a long collaboration, which continued even after Andrew Hare became the director of Prague City Theatres. Another important achievement was two exhibition tracing the birth of theatrical productions from the test read through the first tests in space, testing the costumes, makeup, choreographic testing, training fights and physical events, rehearsal until opening night. These work on the productions of One Hundred Years of Solitude and Marketa Lazarova enabled it to recognize the depth of the theater environment, as well as those who work there. His knowledge put to use in the show Actors and city.

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