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The new program Švandovo theater will offer medicinal theater for children

Fun, fairy, painting, dancing, juggling, playing music and so on the theater stage. All this offers a new Sunday program for children spirited and subdued Švandovo theater. For Smíchov scene prepared him Puppets association at the hospital for eleven years of fun and laugh pediatric patients in hospitals and clinics.

The first performance at the ŠVANDA called Children's afternoon with puppets in the hospital will take place on Sunday, April 24th from 15 hours. Then there May 22 Marionettes bring performances mice belong to heaven (but only for a moment) by the charming books Iva Procházková and June 12 will be on the agenda cheerful Tale of sloth.

"We will make puppets, songs paint and cut out fun, I'll advise and juggle too. Together zamuzicírujeme and who has the desire can with us and play in a fairy tale, "says Mark Míková, principálka Puppets in hospital. And while the kids head to the fairytale, parents can make use of sitting in a comfortable theater Kafárně or get better acquainted with how the puppets in the hospital to help her theatrical and musical medicine small patients across the country.

Children will enjoy the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, Budulínkovi O, O goldfish, The Three Pigs, Princess Sweeteeth, where they live Wilderness, White Whale. Fairytale program including the music, art and movement workshop starts at 15 hours from 17 hours it will end Loutkobandu concert with songs from the CD Good medicine.

Puppets in hospital,
bringing together professional artists and talented amateurs - actors, puppeteers, mimes and musicians - who have children in difficult life situations can bring distractions, joy and a better mood and help them to heal. Open space to play and put the emphasis on quality and individual approach: i will therefore be some fairy tales in Švandovo theater big and epic and others are very intimate - so your poison found each child. Actors play well for one or two spectators, as is the case in the hospital for cots.

"Happy to host the project Puppets in hospital because of mental well-being is important for each patient, but also a healthy baby. When Puppets theater Švandovo approached, we did not hesitate. We are, after all, theater, public services, and so I understand cooperation with this project almost as a duty. "Says
Daniel Hrbek, director of the Švanda Theatre in Smíchov. And the mayor of Prague 5 Radek climate that activity Puppet Hospital granted this patronage, adds. "Puppets in the hospital trying to cheer up, distract and encourage not only children, but often their parents. Its activities and would like to show healthy children. "

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Puppets who are in hospital:

Civic Association puppets in the hospital is dedicated to work in the field of drama and operates in psychosocial care. 11 years Puppets visit pediatric wards in hospitals and clinics across the country: only in the Motol University Hospital Puppets is planning to carry out more than 200 visits to two-member teams. Annually, thus addresses across the country over 8000 pediatric patients sing the harmony more than 6,000 songs and played over 1000 puppet performances. Each year, expanding his repertoire with new stories that allow them to give out laughing in places where it normally is not much.

To tribal consortium members include Mark Míková, Antonin Novotny, Hana and Hana Řepová Grančičová, Jaromir Palme Fumas, Marie Dušková, Catherine Tshornová, Mariana Chmelařová. The group also collaborates with other puppeteers, teachers, musicians and art therapist.

In their activities, puppets systematically collaborate with doctors, hospital staff and parents of pediatric patients. Outside visits to hospitalized children in Prague and Brno, regularly Puppets at the hospital and assist in Olomouc, Ostrava, Hradec Kralove, Czech Budejovice, Plzen, Czech Krumlov and another more than 20 locations across the country. Together with partner associations Puppets in hospital association helps hospitalized children since 2010 and the Slovak Republic.

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