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Female reinforcements Colours of Ostrava

Female reinforcements Colours of Ostrava The program of this year's international music festival Colours of Ostrava strengthens five exceptional female personalities: nineteen year old Norwegian singer AURORA, north Moravia bring fabulously dark electropop, Victoria Hanna from Israel, the daughter of Rabbi wildly rapping ancient Jewish texts ...

... Dutch singer Kovacs, whose crudely colored voice only reminds Amy Winehouse, Norwegian electropop singer, composer, lyricist and musician Susanne Sundfør and nonconformist Polish singer Maria Peszek, which is also known as a film actress Agnieszka Holland and Jerzy Stuhr.

One of the best kept Israeli musical secrets long resisted disclosure: Victoria Hanna until this year did not issue a single album, rumors about the screaming, the syllables of your playing and reciting singer, actress and performerce in recent years to spread through her ​​New York concert, vocal workshops and performances on prestigious festivals. The sensation then caught the last two movies with songs Twenty two (22) Letters and The Aleph-bet song (Hosha'ana), inspired by the sacred work of kabbalistic Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzira), ascribed to Abraham. Both tracks are coming soon předzsvěstí debut album.

Nineteen Aurora Aksnes is thoughtful dreamer consisting electropop song style, "something happens, something comes up - like a magical moment." The first EP Running With The Wolves hit by audiences and critics alike: when he refused to believe that the most sophisticated, anthemic choruses decorated the songs came from the head of such a young girl. Norwegian singer but she eventually attract millions of listeners, from promising debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend '! only the best.

Raw tinged voice, unconventional image, cabaret concerts illuminated fifty shades of black and warning: "Can I become a witch, a bitch and a murderess." It's twenty-six Dutch singer Kovacs that band's debut album Shades Of Black caused a huge uproar in Europe. I prefer walking in a black, bald and with a fur cap on his head, a dark smoky voice, soul to soul and world champion in writing about happy love will certainly never happen.

The Thirty Susanne Sundfør knows a lot about traditional Norwegian music, she studied opera, he can arrange strings and piano keys are for her as for other guitar. The influence of Mozart and Handel at her intertwined with the minimalism of Philip Glass, folk oratorios Roy Harper and avant-garde trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær. Pop clarity of counters convincing use of complex electronics and instrumentation with unexpected melodic twists. The album broke Silicone Veil and cooperation with Röyksopp or share in the soundtrack for the movie Oblivion alongside Anthony Gonzales, aka M83, which still Susanne Lars Horntvethem from Jaga Jazzist helped with the production of The Love Songs.

Polish singer Maria Peszek does it for years Polish conservatives sleep, is close to pop, rock, punk and cabaret as well as at home is a celebrity, from which await nonconformist deeds. She starred on stage, television and film Agnieszka Holland and Jerzy Stuhr, extreme attention to himself but pulls music: personally open, emotive and highly provocative songs and statements. From his radicalism he receded even fresh album carbines, around which Poland once again ignited a heated debate. She sings to him about freedom, hatred and right to be different.

Victoria Hanna - The Aleph-bet song (Hosha'ana) :

Aurora - Running With The Wolves :

Kovacs - My Love :

Maria Peszek - Modern Holocaust :

Susanne Sundfør - Fade Away :

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