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11 weeks of diary nutritionist

11 weeks of diary nutritionist Who of us would not know ... exclusively from its surroundings, of course !! :-)

1 week
Vera from us work to lose weight in a month and twenty kilos. It looks great. I want to look great, too. I decided that I go taky.Nejde's just that I loved my husband, but I had confidence.

2nd Week
Last week I got around to it, but now it's really erupts. From now on, I will lose weight like crazy. I looked on the internet and today is really a lot of types of diets. Anything you choose? I'll start with probably the milk diet. Dairy products, milk, vegetables, eggs, lean meat. That sounds exactly dobře.To diet for me.

3rd Week

Milk diet is hell. Not only that, my stool is thin and white, so I feel like a pigeon, but also my belly begins to sprout small vemínko. Even a month and become an ordinary cow. On dairy diet cough. I'll try something else. Krabičková diet sounds interesting.

4th Week
Krabičková diet is not much. It is expensive as a pig, and the portions are so small that I had to eat even with those plastovejma krabičkama me to najedla.Tudy is not the way. I'll go at it intuitively. I eat little, I eat vegetables and sometimes mated steamed chicken. Delicacy. I will salting.

5th Week

Wow. Thanks to their diet for a week I lost half a pound. I feel as light as a feather. I have full confidence in the evening wore sexy lingerie trying to seduce a man on his new sexy figure. He defiantly lingerie parade in front of the television and waited for his uncontrollable, driven by instincts sexual assault. NOTHING. Of course, I burst out crying and depressed matured a whole refrigerator.

6th Week

I gained three pounds. So this is therefore not. He wants to play hardball. Every day a carrot. This would be in order not.

Week 7
Carrot diet is in full swing. Last week, I was at large. It begins to look promising. Vera from work to lose weight for another five kilos and looks famózně.To motivates me. I have an orange whites.

Week 8

For two weeks, I have not been capitalized. I'm not sure that's dobře.Manžel I called an ambulance. But I do not break. That would have liked. I feel that losing weight, but the weight of shows that do not. It takes new weight. I must lose weight. How would I then looked in front of faith from work? I have had orange and palm. Perhaps I'll put carrots.

Week 9

Week drink only cocktails. I feel bad, I feel dizzy and my belly constantly rumbling. Normally I would say it is the stomach, but I feel that out of me a few days ago came out naturally, so you really do not know what there may rumble. Vera lost weight work three more pounds. It is a cow. Whether he goes to hell.

10th Week

I've had ten weeks diets. I lost half a pound, and had spent all the money we had with a man on vacation for cocktails and shit like that, and I ruined digestion. It burns me heartburn, tummy hurts, descended to my nails and my hair's coming. Mainly, that cow Vera lost weight again. I am unhappy.

11th Week

To hell with the diet. In the work of Vera he boasted that the lost weight back, so I broke it up and punctured her tires on the car. Finally, I am satisfied and happy. I had found my lost confidence.

Source: Editorial e-mail

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