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Now is the time ticks. Can you get rid of the intruder correctly?

One of the proofs that he has over us, nature is still a bit of the upper hand, there are situations when we become victims of one of the parasites. Very often, it is the tick. Even from such a situation but we come out as winners. We just need to know what "habits" has a tick, and act accordingly.

Ticks are carriers of serious and potentially fatal diseases such as encephalitis and Lyme disease. The best protection against tick prevention is thorough, especially the use of repellents. Despite all efforts, unfortunately we can not always unpleasant encounters with ticks avoided. How to get rid of him?

Vivre enemy

Tick ​​mostly nepřisaje soon as we get to the body.
First of all, trying to find the perfect place, which can last for hours.
Attraction for these parasites are mainly areas with a soft and moist skin, such as armpits, groin, or popliteal area behind the ears. These places should we return from nature attention.
The sooner a tick is found and removed properly, the risk of disease transmission is lower.
In the first hours creature is secreted in saliva only minimal viral particles. Tick ​​is also easier to remove if not přisáté too long.

Away with him!

Above all, hygiene. For each tick should be approached as a possible infectious material, and thus have gloves on and on hand disinfection.
First we spray disinfecting the affected area. The parasite applies no additional substances, such as creams or oils. This may cause a rapid emptying of the gastrointestinal tract of the tick into the wound, thereby transferred infection.
Then we prepare a pair of tweezers and move on to clearing the parasite.
On rumors that the tick is needed to wriggle out of the wound, because the suction device is finished with a kind of thread quickly forget. Most of all, ticks proboscis-like chisel. Thus, it is most effective to remove from the wound gently pulling with tweezers or by gently rocking.
It is necessary to proceed very carefully in order not to tear the tick in the skin and we stayed part of his aspirator. After removal disinfect the place, for example, iodine tincture. Suffice even stronger alcohol.
The parasite removed manipulate the least, nesundáváme gloves. It is recommended to wrap it in a piece of toilet paper and flush.

Site of the tick, it is recommended to check several weeks. Mild redness and pimples as a mosquito sting reactions are normal and do not indicate an infection. Pay attention we would have if it around the wound creates a distinctive red spot, which is several centimeters in diameter and may be centrally faded. Then it is good to see a doctor.

Source: Tick-borne

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