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A documentary about the Theatre Cellar uncovers the roots of many personalities of Czech culture

A documentary about the Theatre Cellar uncovers the roots of many personalities of Czech culture Cellar Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world is the name of the new Czech feature-length documentary by director Olga Dabrowska, who since May 5 will cross the Czech and Moravian cinemas. 45 years ago was born the phenomenon Cellar Theatre, which gave the Czech theater and cultural scene, a plethora of artists who wrote down her face significantly in recent decades, both as actors and theater people, but in many other fields.

It was founded by then fourteen David Vavra and Milan Šteindler. Thanks to them, but Tomas Hanak, Fero Burda Tomáš Vorel, Lenka Vychodilová, Monica Načeva, Eva Holubová, Vaclav MARHOUL, Ondrej Trojan or Aleš Najbrt spoke a peculiar poetics of theater in the broader context of Czech culture lives since the eighties.

The film will offer an actual conversations number of views on the past life of this great cohesive party also unique archival materials. Sklepáckého microorganism being in the film also analyzing scientific capacity of various disciplines, such as theater theorist Jan Dvorak, philosopher or psychologist Erazim Kohak Radek Ptacek.

Cellar Theatre secrets or Manual to save the world
will have a gala premiere on May 4 at Prague's Lucerna. Celebrating the new documentary sklepáckých birthday and will continue Lucerna Music Bar concert by the legendary MTO Universal. Additionally, the café is decorated with Lucerna Cinema is already in film and theater posters and photographs from private collections of members of the Cellar Theatre.

Cellar Theatre since its inception excels in creative freedom, the peculiar poetics, playfulness, humor and artistic originality. It connects people who despite other professional obligations after decades returned to the extraordinary community. It is surprising how many important personalities of the art world has its roots in this theater. Cellar Theatre staff comments on the Milan Šteindler as: "Society of patients, who are all mutually therapists."

Graduated director Milan Šteindler, who is at home in front of and behind the camera, he took along with David Vavra and Tomas Hanak in 1988 in the film Vera Chytilová Tainted there. A year later, followed by a successful feature film directorial debut Milan Šteindler Go back to the grave. For a film Thanks for Every New Morning he won the 1994 Czech Lion. Along with sklepáckým colleague David Vavra and Peter Čtvrtníček built in the early nineties milestone Czech film and television humor and satire, cycle programs and Czech sod. The less their sketches retrospect politically correct, the more they are undeniably entertaining, imaginative, funny and original. The second of the founding fathers of the Theatre Cellar David Vavra is one of the leading Czech architects and their diverse talents used in the acclaimed television series Pretty Towns, representing a significant architectural treasures of urban architecture in Bohemia and Moravia. Among his outstanding architectural works include the reconstruction of the theater and Švandovo along with Frantisek Skala is co-author of acclaimed interior of Prague's Palac Akropolis.

Their colleague Tomas Hanak one of the busiest and nejcharizmatičtějším Czech actors and presenters, won sympathy and participation in numerous charity events. Sklepácké roots are also a leading Czech graphic designer Aleš Najbrt. Charm, sex appeal as well as playfulness, musicality, humor and insight is given in heaping measure and ladies of the ensemble, we should remember the star of many Czech films, TV productions and series Eva Holubová, original singer and actress Lenka Vychodilová or singer Monika Načeva whose musical projects since the nineties represent the best in our independent music scene.
Director of many films marked by poetic Prague Five Tomas Vorel. Already in the eighties around Cellar she moved energetic young man with a big notebooks, which proved lethargic mud from late reálsocialismu pull through managerial and production pearls almost Hollywood style. No wonder then that later became director Vaclav Marhoul Barrandov studios, a successful producer and director. It also has the great merit of returning the good name of Czech army, whether the film Tobruk, directing and producing a series of events and activities of agile within the active reserve army of the Czech Republic. It is also worth unique tours Cellar Theatre at Czech military base in Afghanistan. Path from an actor to a successful film director and producer Ondrej Trojan graduated whose Želary received eleven nominations, except for the Czech Lion also here at the American Academy. As a producer he was behind a series of films by Jan Hřebejk (among others Dens, Divided We Fall, Pupendo, for me and a good ID card).

The idea of a document about the phenomenon Theatre Cellar toward the end of 2011 born in the head producer Ivo Short, who invited the cooperation screenwriter and director Olga Dabrowska. The second of producers Peter Koza, was not afraid and contacted a meter higher David Vavra: "The US, the creator troufalce, he took this idea very friendly and one winter evening before a performance of the legendary Pavilions to find us a moment. A decision was made! "

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