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Prague as poetry in paintings by Karel Chaba

Prague as poetry in paintings by Karel Chaba Portheimka Gallery opens to a bright and picturesque corners of Prague. Fascinating pictures of old Prague showcases the work of a unique artist and lifelong lover of the Golden Czech metropolis, Charles Chaba. The exhibition named Charles (Chabův) bridge that starts from May 6 and will last until June 12.

Karel Chaba, also known as a painter of old Prague last, his extraordinary talent and his work is rightly enjoyed the attention at home and abroad. The capital city was for him a major and lifelong inspiration. His paintings show the familiar scenery and hidden corners of Prague, the romantic atmosphere of the back streets and the poetry of the everyday with a pair of lovers and lonely pedestrians. Chaba when it masterfully worked with colors and his own imagination.

"As a painter enforced differently than usual. He did not have school, but he had a natural talent and most exceptional and unique style, so after the first exhibition in 1960 at the Theatre D 34 EFBurian earned widespread respect and quickly fit between then artists and intellectuals, "says exhibition curator and friend of the painter's family Pavla Petráková-Slancová. According to her, it was the artists always more to express intimate relationship to the beloved city than its accurate representation. "His friend Bohumil Hrabal, with whom went for a beer on him pointedly said that Prague first saw the eyes of a country boy - and that the sight of him anymore stay, "says the curator.

From cooking spoons to Picasso

Trained chef and painter self-taught himself humorously called "non-academic painter." The artist, whose work was influenced by Jan Zrzavý, Karel Cerny and Marc Chagall, was also known as a collector and connoisseur: amassed a valuable collection of Czech masters and was regarded as probably the largest domestic expert in the creation of Pablo Picasso, whose work fascinated him. Karel Chaba was the only Czech painter whose studio he visited the famous art collector, prominent gallery owner and "discoverer of Picasso's" Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

The ground floor gallery will feature Chabova dimensional canvases depicting Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, on the first floor, visitors will be able to view colored graphics and images. Part of the exhibition will also include a documentary film curator and director Pavla Petrákova-Slancová about the artist's life and work with a commentary by his son Patrick. Composed music for the image of the artist's grandson James.

Exhibition Charles (Chabův) bridge is held in celebration of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.. The Gallery Portheimka accompany her and the children's program and an exhibition of children's books published on this year's anniversary of the "Father of the Nation," published by Albatros.
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Karel Chaba,

lifelong lover and painter old - "Charles" - Prague, was born on August 3, 1925 in Sedlec-Prčice in the Benešov and trained as a chef. In the visual arts was self-taught; His work influenced painters Jan Zrzavý, Karel Cerny and Marc Chagall. He lived in Prague, where he came shortly after World War II. Since 1962, after his first solo exhibition, devoted to painting professionally.
Karel Chaba, neakad. mal., was one of the greatest connoisseurs of Fine Arts 19th and 20th centuries. His works were sold to subsequently create a remarkable private collection of Czech and world art. In the last decade of life he painted mainly images of women. Died 25th 8th 2009 in Prague. Legacy of his work is devoted son Patrick.

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