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False advertisements pets

You are going to get a pet? Then you go through and advertisements on the Internet. When viewing a plethora of photos of cute puppies and kittens may be difficult to keep cool. But do not distract attention from the important, and that is the text of the advertisement itself. If it is full of typos and unintelligible sentences, may be a fraudulent offer, which does not respond properly.

Fraudsters publish false bids for the sale of pets, but also appeal to those who demand a pet classified ads. Sometimes you may not even be a selling, false advertisement may offer a puppy or kitten gift.

"What are all cases in common at first glance looks suspiciously like the ad because nezdařilému translation into Czech. Sentences do not make sense, in the text sometimes strange expressions. This is the first and most important warning signal. Another warning that it may be a scam, communication with the owner of the only remotely without a personal encounter and surrender. And pay anything in advance of the purchase price or even transport crates, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

While excited bidders after the couple exchanged e-mails with the same breakneck translation into Czech, as the wording of the advertisement, can not wait for delivery of the animal, advertisers are beginning to make demands. Although animal from abroad transported to their costs and informs that a ticket for animal already bought. But reportedly has no money to special transport crate, which will cost from 100 to 400 euros. Send this amount to the candidate immediately, as cat or dog had apparently waiting at the airport. Advertiser can even assures a refund of the amount paid on receipt of the animal from the courier, if interested in buying begins to doubt.

Once you decide to take on the family of a pet, whether cat or dog, you should be careful when choosing the owner or breeder from whom you take it. Buying an animal from a distance and will do so from abroad, together with the payment of large sums before delivery, you can bring joy instead of a pet worries and difficulties during the subsequent recovery of fraudulently elicited money.

When buying a pet can be generally recommended:
Avoid the impression of advert dělajícím output from an internet translator.
Want to personally meet and get to know the owner or breeder. The animal on this occasion can be viewed.
Pay the purchase price, if necessary. Other amounts only against written confirmation, until taking over the animal. By drafting the purchase agreement is certainly nothing to spoil.

Samples suspected of ads

"Shiba Inu puppies are robust, Shiba children seek new realm. Parents have the breeding and necessary investigations. There are no known illnesses. They were examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and microchipped. Puppies course were / are regularly wormed. With interest they can be arranged as a meeting with us. Check with the phone. Walls are ready for delivery. Each wall stretches with his usual food, passport and pedigree in her new home. "

"Puppies are lovingly cared for and socialized. Grown in our living room and used to all the noises in the home and the family life so that they are balanced, ready, confident and friendly companion to their new families. From the fifth week of puppies explore the garden. "

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