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Escapade squid Incas and other large animal escapes to freedom

Last week, the New Zealand National Aquarium in Napier apparently managed to escape one of the animals. Press department was good escapade. From the misconduct of the staff did a media blockbuster. Fortunately, it was a cute octopus, and not a ton crocodile marine or deadly sea snake Aquarius Belcher, who has said in his aquarium breeds as well.

Report aquariums cephalopod desire for freedom willingly shared by most of the world news. Octopus, male Incas just decided that he'd in the reservoir surrounded by visitors tired, and apparently returned to the sea. Hence came originally: in 2014 was delivered to the facility in Napier fishermen who inadvertently caught him by the Pania Reef.

If the breakout actually took place, as it describes the reconstruction of that facility managers, it is not entirely certain. Risky escape maneuver is comprised stretch the caregivers nedovření chink cover plate of the tank, a six-foot "jump" into the space background exposition room, surpassing 2.5 meters "dry" floor in the visitors' area and stretch at the end of the exposed drain channel. He was with his six inch diameter much smaller than the body of the octopus, but it would be so bad again. Inky while reaching the size of a soccer ball, but if you have no body no bones neither narrow space any obstacle.

Octopus stretch can indeed virtually any opening through which crawls and its beak. If narrow pipes pushed eight meters outside the tank in the courtyard between buildings aquariums (and there feasted on him rack), or fifteen meters in the direction of the Head overflow directly into the sea shall probably never know. Like if he helped to free a collector or a farmer, or a visitor. It is essential that the next day instead of two octopus was exhibited at the aquarium just one. A National Aquarium of New Zealand had to take the proper position. Explanations based on a combination of screenplays Great Escape, The Shawshank Redemption and Finding Nemo totally worked.

The escape of animals from zoos and breeding centers into wild occasionally occurs. And it's not exactly good news - for anyone. When escapes injury-prone animals. From Prague Zoo recently flew 18 ibises rock, all is finally able to catch them, but one died on the pig out. Animals are not always fortunate enough to return to an environment that would suit their nature. Large or extra poisonous species may threaten human lives. An example might be 2012, when the zoo in Cologne tiger attacked his nurse and escaped from the enclosure. The tiger was shot on the run. Much better ending had fled snow leopard, which two years later escaped in Liberec zoo. The animal was a strange environment and stressed and frightened. Neither he nor any visitor to the zoo, nothing happened.

Inkyho story is certainly not the only famous getaway, there are a number of remarkable stories. A gang of eight capuchin raised in a Brazilian zoo, which they learned with stones smashing locks grilles, raccoon from the zoo in Sommerset, who excavated tunnel to freedom, or penguin No. 337, which traded for one month Tokyo Sea Life Park for a sea bay. And what about Ken Allen, an adult male orangutan, which is the zoo in San Diego managed to escape three times, and learned their tricks and other orangutans.

Not every animal movement but must take the form of run out. Do originally unsecured enclosure nandankananské zoo in India, for example, from the jungle prowled the tiger, which is servicing the safe range and regular diet downright fancy. Surprise local nurses when suddenly had a single tiger moreover, probably no end.

When runs mandrill, does not it still does not dangerously ...

but when the gorilla escapes, it is necessary to evacuate the entire zoo and the animal put to sleep.

But on the honey badger just anybody come.

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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