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Dietary supplements before the summer season: what to use and what to avoid?

Reduce weight, refuel or good tan. That is just a fraction of requirements that has many Czechs especially with the coming summer. These ambitions can assist the appropriate medication labeled as dietary supplements or dietary supplements. With their use should not be delayed but, unlike standard drugs act is gradually in the order of weeks to months.

Even before taking dietary supplements, we should make sure you do not cause side effects and how to tolerate food. The vast majority of dietary supplements should however be taken with food or immediately after it. With the fasted stomach merely pass through the digestive tract, they have assimilated and are therefore not effective. Not recommended even eating them with medicines, because they can reduce the effect of each other.

Protect your skin from sunburn help beta carotene

In the summer, exposing your skin to sunlight, either voluntarily or not. Sunbathing without protection can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems, including skin cancer. It affects tens of thousands of Czechs annually and has long been among the most frequently diagnosed malignancy. While the use of sunbeds despite popular belief, the risk of melanoma increases only. Preparing for a healthy tan would be based on inside the body. Against photo-oxidation or skin damage by excessive tanning acting beta-carotene, an important source of vitamin A.

In addition, it is also an excellent antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals, preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases, stimulates the immune system and in cooperation with other vitamins and minerals promotes healthy vision. "Beta carotene should be taken at least 1-2 weeks before direct sun exposure. The daily recommended dose is 16 mg per day. When a single overdose, although there is no serious health problems, long-term excessive use karoteinů but may lead to a change in skin color orange. For smokers increases the risk of lung cancer, "says MD. Thomas Kampe, which provides its clients with consultations on the appropriate use of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements do not replace solid food during weight loss

Use of appropriate dietary supplements can also significantly help in weight loss. Stimulating agents fat burning and weight reduction in the market there are many, in various forms, such as tablets, drops, instant drinks, slimming tea or soup, and the like. When their use is not necessary to strictly follow the prescribed rules for use. Kuro, which serves only as a supplement, not under any circumstances replace a balanced diet.

When weight loss is ideal consumption of drugs which contain the optimal amount of calories and promote healthy weight loss. "The ingredients in these supplements stimulate restore balance acid and alkaline substances that ensure the proper functioning of metabolism. Thanks to him, the body can naturally burn fat reserves, "explains Dr. Kampe. To avoid the yo-yo effect, it is necessary to stabilize weight loss and adjust the normal eating habits. The recommended daily dosage is individual. Failure to follow prescribed use threatens the ineffectiveness of the preparation, but also serious health problems caused due to rapid weight loss.

Energy for sports gives green tea

Anyone who lives actively and intensively should optimally supply the body of necessary nutrients, which comes during sports. Especially in the summer has many Czechs energy expenditure is higher than in winter, and it should adapt to the lifestyle. Supply high-quality energy for action is necessary vytíženého organism. Dietary supplements that should be taken during sports, usually contain green tea. It stimulates the body's energy, physical stamina prolongs and enhances athletic performance. In combination with extracts of aloe vera can start a healthy fat loss without losing muscle, which is ideal for those who want to lose weight. By summer had only two months, the body therefore you should prepare for regime change as soon as possible.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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