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Holiday with experiences: Celebrate Shakespeare and stroll along the water

Holiday with experiences: Celebrate Shakespeare and stroll along the water If you are not lovers of quiet holidays, but searching for unique experiences, we have ideas for unique trips. Now spring months and warm weather encouraged to unconventional ways. Experience a unique atmosphere in Lombardy, where you try walking on a floating pier or join the worldwide celebration of Shakespeare in the UK.

Cable car from the center straight into the heath in Bergen

The Norwegian city of Bergen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Europe. The medieval center of trade today combines modern and traditional architecture. Although this is the largest city in western Norway, it offers visitors the urban landscape with pristine, wild and unspoiled nature. In the calendar year it is for the people most important date of May 17, or Constitution Day (Grunnlovsdagen). "This national holiday is associated mainly with large esplanade across the historic city center, which is finished in front of the Royal Palace. Norwegians dressed in local costumes, the so-called bunaderu, singing national songs and waving flags in honor of the country, traditional values ​​and the royal family, "said Michal Tuma from CA Invia. Relaxed and yet the festival atmosphere fascinates every observer. However, if you have city life for a while rather use local Fløibanen funicular that takes you to the viewpoint Fløyen. From one side you can gaze out over the city and its historical part of Bryggen, the other on extensive moorland laced with very narrow paths.

Shakespeare on track

"Happy man is master of his soul," he'd say Shakespeare. It seems that it Englishmen took to heart because, despite the 400th anniversary of the poet's death the earth mourn, but instead are preparing a grand celebration to honor the most outstanding personalities of the 16th and 17th centuries. If you still consider England as a country of rain and gray, head during May through Bard's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, or straight to London. Both cities stirs street theater, premieres of new adaptations of famous plays like Hamlet and Midsummer Night's Dream, as well as annual exhibitions in galleries and cultural buildings. The exception will be costumes or contemporary menus in restaurants. If you like a bit of mystery, the Middle Ages and versification, certainly not fall short.

Stroll along the water in Lombardy

Romantic middle Italian region of Lombardy will come alive with new attractions. Bulgarian artist Christo origin featured in Saturday, June 18 his latest project, a floating pier (The Floating Piers) wrapped in gold fabric that connects two islands on Lake Iseo. Pier will be available for visitors exactly 16 days, and will have a length of 3.2 km. The creator of the project encourages all visitors to walk through the pier and enjoy the unique connections wave motion and touch friendly fabrics.

When visiting Lombardy also remember its center - a medieval Milan. The second largest city in Italy offers much more than just fashion and football madness. The local medieval center with authentic sights you will lead a romantic trail from the Gothic cathedral, the Duomo through the famous La Scala theater to the city park with a monumental building local Sforza Castle.

Romantic rides in Serbia revives the famous music festival

If you would like to spend a few days in a place where seemingly stopped time, head to the Balkans. Serbian region of Vojvodina is laced with bike paths that connect small villages. For local farmers can taste local wines, typical homemade pastries and freshly caught fish. Rural charm complement the ubiquitous carts with horses and small pubs. "Serbia can boast of several natural phenomena, such as the longest river gorge in Europe. The cliffs here rise above the Danube up to a height of 300 meters and vice versa fall into the depth of 82 meters. Another popular destination is a mountain massif, while the National Park Fruska Gora, "added Michal Tuma. In the event that you schedule your trip to Serbia for the second week in July, then head to novih Sad, where the outbreak Exit Music Festival. The event was awarded "Best Major European Festival" is traditionally held in the unique setting of the historic Petrovaradin Fortress.

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