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Summer Letná: Dream and Reality, tension and humor performed by top artists

Summer Letná: Dream and Reality, tension and humor performed by top artists The explosion of ideas, breathtaking spectacle of dream and reality, poetry, suspense, humor and emotion performed by top artists and actors - this and much more offers this year's Summer Letná.

The thirteenth edition of the international festival of new circus and theater will present at the end of summer, between August 18 and September 4, three sets of world-class: In Australia established international racers, Limbo, excellent acting quartet in France Cirque Le Roux comes from the Australian Brisbane file Circa principal Yaron Lifschitz. Besides international stars will be amply represented in the program and the Czech scene circus.

French Cirque Le Roux brings a sumptuous production of The Elephant in the Room, inspired by the slightly decadent atmosphere of black and white film noir. The foreign press writes enthusiastically about sexy, tender and heartbreaking performances and most complete interconnection Theater and High aerial circus, what is now seen.

Circa from faraway Australia in Brisbane on Letna cross the border of dream and reality, madness and normality, human and animal world. Seven top acrobats and actors under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz creates along with the music, combining cabaret tunes, ballads and electronics, stunningly surreal, kind and unexpectedly touching performance.

Unique experience also promises to be an international set of first-class acrobats and artists from Montreal, New York, Marseille and Australia Limbo, who will demonstrate the performance in the same heady mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. They rode with him for three years through ten major festivals around the world and criticism speaks in superlatives about the thrilling sensation in which you poposedávat on the edge of the seat.
And one more reference: Among the spectators in a unique Art Nouveau style wooden Magic Mirror tent sat twice a lady who understands the stage thing show like few others - Madonna.

The 13th edition of the Summer Letna festival will take place from 18 August to 4 September in Prague's Letna Park. By 30 April it is possible to buy tickets at discounted prices.

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