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Courts greatly accelerated issuing payment orders

In recent weeks and months has significantly accelerated issuing payment orders. This is confirmed by practical experience of clients and their lawyers cooperating with the portal While in past years the payment order, waited half a year or even longer, so they are the order of weeks and often even days.

"We first significant acceleration in Consultation lender already seen earlier this year. Then began the courts to issue orders for payment within a few weeks after the payment of the court fee, "said a spokesman Counseling Kateřina Procházková, adding that the situation in the last two months has improved even more strongly, and according to her is absolutely no exception, that the lender receives a payment order from the court about a week to fourteen days from the submission of the proposal and especially from the payment of court fee.

Better situation in the whole country

"Given that proposals for a payment order is served through our lawyers to courts throughout the Czech Republic, their speed can be quite comparable. Previously, the problem was mainly with the courts in Brno and Usti nad Labem, which were literally flooded. However, even here today issued payment orders very quickly and lenders for them to wait a few days or weeks, roughly the same time as the rest of the country, "praises the work of the judiciary accelerated Kateřina Procházková.

The payment order as a last resort

Creditors who are private individuals and small companies in the giving orders to pay his debtors so much rushing. They are trying to usually prefer to arrange for good, and the court decides as a last resort, moreover, after several months of fruitless dunning debtor for payment of the amount owed. However, given the impending changes, which it plans to implement the Ministry of Justice, the creditors still takes on increasingly common solution to its problems with borrowers currently before the courts. They all hope that they caught his claim to sue and possibly pass the executor before conditions change enforcement against them. And they accelerated through the work of courts and nesjpíš succeed.

Source: tz Advisory věř

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