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Popular styles of housing: How do they confess and no mistakes

While previously we arranged the different rooms according to printed catalogs, thanks to the Internet we can monitor trends from day to day. A long time ago so true that all look the same household.

Bring your home a new atmosphere in which you feel good. Therefore, you do not even change the entire apartment. Just choose one distinctive characteristic element that turns tone of a room in one of the three popular styles.

Rustic style draws from the countryside and nature

Rustic style is inspired by the English and French countryside. You'll love it if you like natural materials. The base is in fact the wood, mostly oak and cedar. Do rustically furnished rooms is especially suited stone, firebrick and metal. Wooden floors and cabinets often have a patina accessories are provided with a cracked or peeled paint surface.

"Interest rustic increased in recent years. People is thanks to him feel cozy and comfortable. Most often they choose massive rustic solid wood beds, "said Peter Triščíková of MT furniture. This popular style can evoke colors, such as dark green, brown or gray. The resulting effect of spotlighting accessories in natural materials, like wicker baskets and fresh herbs.

Retro style betting on color and period accessories

Decor retro style reminds the period 50th to 70th years of the last century. In Czech households she began to return to the turn of the millennium. Characteristic of this style materials are vinyl, chrome, plastic and metallic finish. When choosing retro furniture však proceed with caution, there is a fine line between design and kitsch. Additionally true that every piece of furniture from the 50s necessarily fit into the category of contemporary modern retro.

Retro style indulging in bold color combinations and contrasts, whether on the walls or furniture. Typical colors as bold blue, yellow or orange. To be credible impression, do not forget the details like wallpaper and floral patterns hippie style, period posters and paintings, metal flower pots, a portable radio or original kitchen appliances and utensils.

Scandinavian style is known for its clean lines

Housing Northerners gaining sympathy around the world and inspires a wide range of interior designers since the mid-20th century. Indeed it can combine what no other can not style - elegance with cosiness, simplicity with maximum functionality and a fresh look to the timeless. Of the materials used Scandinavian style wood, metal or glass. It is characterized by clean lines of furniture and other equipment. Nordic decor calls for integrity, not because it would disrupt the typical accessories for a different style of living.

In this style is dominated by bright colors that admitting to the rooms airy and reflect the natural daylight. "Although it is popular mainly Scandinavian style with bright tones, many households prevents white. On the walls and furniture while reflects up to 96% of natural light. Darker colors, which is today, people often resort react vice versa. Reflects only 4% of the light, "explains Petra Triščíková. Accessories advantage in Nordic style rather minimalist - Reach For example, after natural fabrics, flowers and candlelight.

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