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Concentus: Pavel Haas Quartet and Magdalen leather with Ondrej Havelka

Concentus: Pavel Haas Quartet and Magdalen leather with Ondrej Havelka Great files illustrious names of outstanding soloists and special guests to complement the stunning numbers: 35 concertos, 22 string quartets from us and the world, 20 towns across Moravia.

The 21st edition of the festival Concentus but like speech respectable numbers characterize revelatory and sophisticated dramaturgy. This year, it is becoming the biggest showcase quartet ensembles in Europe, in addition to nearly the entire tip of the Czech string quartet led by residential Pavel Haas Quartet welcomes and seven foreign groups. In the shield of the festival we can also find the names of two giants: William Shakespeare and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Residential ensemble festival Pavel Haas Quartet scored another big success: for his current album recording of string quartets no. 1 in E minor, "From My Life" and no. 2 in D minor Bedrich Smetana received a major award, this time the BBC Music Magazine Award (in the category of chamber music). This is currently our most successful international chamber ensemble conducted in June a three-day masterclass quartet play at the chateau in Moravsky Krumlov and perform at five other locations including Austria Retz. An extraordinary experience promises inaugural concert on June 1 in the Mikulov chateau hall, which will also feature American Dover Quartet; along with residential ensemble will perform Octet for Strings in E flat major Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Cellist file Jarůšek Peter adds: "Invitation to Concentus perceived as a unique opportunity and an opportunity to comprehensively introduce on home soil. The extent Pavel Haas Quartet in the Czech Republic, and even discovered some now appear so. "

An interesting and completely unique dramaturgical enrichment of the highest quality will be joint performances patron saint festival Magdalena leather with the Melody Makers Ondrej Havelka 21st June at Jupiter Club in Velke Mezirici. "I had the honor of this amazing lady and a great artist directorial work together and I am very honored her wish to sing with my Melody Makers ..." says Ondřej Havelka, adding: "I am sure that her voice and a heart that can beautifully enhance the beauty of the tracks of Bach, Dvorak and Martinu, will be as enthusiastically thumping rhythm of a swing songs of Cole Porter, which together soon ... ".

The program of the festival will be the second time enriched popular music event on the bike, which will be ready for the music-loving bikers on Saturday, June 11th at the Czech-Austrian border. Another interesting trips, this time dramaturgical, heading off a genre traditionally conceived of classical music, Iva Bittová offer cooperation with Slovak Mucha Quartet with singer Dash Epoque Quartet. On the festival stage will appear as a translator and expert on Shakespeare Hilský Martin, the man who has transferred a large Czech Elizabethans in the 21st century. The program of the festival Concentus special in theatrical Kašpar with Romeo and Juliet. The final concert will include the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, whose appearance at the festival will also be the commencement of the functioning of the newly established chamber orchestra.

More information is available on the festival website .

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