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Broken collars against fleas and ticks complaint!

Although the classic saying "That dog fleas, you do not go to man!", But many owners of dogs and cats are literally on your own skin convinced that it's not quite true. It is therefore necessary from spring until autumn to protect against fleas and ticks not only themselves but also their pets. And you know what you can do when you buy for your dog parasite collar and a few days on it still discover a number of ticks?

Lawyers, manufacturers, retailers and experts agree, as they say in unison - a complaint! Did you ever? Do you know how to do it? "Inquired we as fictitious customers of three major companies in the market, how claims can be broken antiparasitic collar and we were very pleasantly surprised. The answers we received a few days, when our question and responded to all companies automatically offered us the possibility of complaints, "says Kateřina Procházková of advisory portal

Complaint to the seller as soon as possible!

Whether you buy from the vet, the animal husbandry needs, on the Internet or at the pharmacy, it is always necessary to make claims directly with the seller. For this reason, it is important to carefully hide every bill. "A complaint must primarily by lawyers without undue delay. In other words, as soon as problems with malfunctioning collar notice, "recommends Procházková and cites the case of Ms. Ludmila from Prague. She bought for her husky pharmacy antiparatzitní collar for nearly a thousand crowns, which had up to eight months to repel ticks and fleas. Instead, her dog came after only four weeks of walks with six ticks. Of these, four ticks additionally attached itself in the immediate vicinity of the neck and the collar. Mrs. Ludmila began intensely interested in how to proceed, so that it has been recognized by the complaint, because they quite reasonably want to pay for something that does not work.

Proper deployment of the collar

"The important thing is broken collar carefully documented," says Procházková. Producer is usually the first step focuses on whether the collar is properly deploy and use. For example, not behind him, draping a variety of reflectors, or other decorations must be tightened just right - ie. neither too little nor, therefore, just two fingers, which are inserted between the collar and the neck of the animal. It is also necessary to check whether the animal accidentally nelina as well as intensive hair loss can temporarily impair the action of parasite collar. Similarly, it may also cause frequent brushing and trimming hair.

bathe appropriately

Collar effect weakens as frequent swimming, as well as repeated domestic bathing and shampooing the animal or continuous removing the collar from his neck. The occurrence of ticks, according to manufacturers also influence his frequent movement in nature, or the presence of other animals in the household who are not without protective collar.

Advertising? Carefully prepare for it!

"To complain about broken collar against ticks, you must be prepared for possible complications and unequivocal evidence that you have a collar used correctly. Not all manufacturers or distributors will be inclined to return the money or you need to exchange the product for another. Therefore, it is important to have in this case not only credible witnesses, but also a proper photo documentation of your dog ticks prisatych with a clear date on the front of the picture or recorded video, which clearly demonstrates that you are the one, and the day after purchase collar found so many ticks , "advises Procházková. And if you even though you fail, do not give up and talk, how to proceed.

Source: tz Advisory věř

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