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In the footsteps of Karel Havlicek Borovsky. Beauty Brixen and surroundings

Bressanone or Brixen is the third largest city of the autonomous Italian province of Bolzano (Alto Adige). As in the past, it is today a city cultural center. In addition it lies in the landscape of vineyards in the valley Sarntalských Alps, near the Lago di Varna / Vahrner See.

This part of South Tyrol combines culture, history and art, along with alpine atmosphere and countless sporting possibilities.

The town of Brixen is a spiritual, cultural and artistic center of the area and the residence of the bishops. There reigns calm and pleasant atmosphere of a small town. Its main part is the Old City, where the cathedral, many churches, picturesque arcades, the cloister and Hofburg. Neither the outskirts of the city is poor in monuments. Worth visiting the monastery of Novacella / Neustift, which has a large library, valuable relics and, ultimately, a large wine cellar. Here is producing northern Italian wine. Noteworthy is also the fortress Fortezza / Franzesfeste built during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which now serves as the site of numerous art exhibitions.

In the Czech Republic city of Brixen known mainly thanks to Karel Havlicek Borovský, who had been sent into exile, and in total there spent four years (1851-1855). Initially, he was staying at the Hotel Elephant, later, after the arrival of his wife and daughter in 1852, he lived in a rented house Kellerhäusl. Although he was under constant police surveillance, can lead virtually normal lives and move freely around. Mountain Environment and suppressed by Borovsky symptoms of tuberculosis that after his return to Bohemia in 1855, fully felt. The only thing he was denied there was interference in the political and national issues in the country. Also, his correspondence was checked. There arose a literary achievements Tyrolean elegy, The Baptism of St. Vladimir and King Lavra.

Not only the city of Brixen is worth attention, but also picturesque landscapes and wildlife valley of wine among the alpine massifs. Its surroundings offer many opportunities for an active vacation, the slopes above the city is also scattered amounts of goods from South Tyrol, where you can discover life on the farm and farm products and unique local traditions and cuisine. One such place is Frötscherhof, renovated farmhouse from the 12th century, to which ride from Bressanone it takes only ten minutes. After trips in the mountains here you can relax in a natural lake or sauna. For hiking and horseback riding is ideal Ponyhof Gstatschhof farm, located in a protected area Sieser Alm, on the highest mountain pasture in Europe.

Nearby Brixen is Lago di Varna / Vahrner See, from which leads "Chestnut trail" šedesátikilometrová journey ended in the capital of the province of Bolzano. Not forgetting the Lago di Breis / Prager Wildsee, one of the most beautiful and above the deepest lake in South Tyrol, which are numerous hiking trails and the brave can swim in it. A popular trip is a visit to one of the original South Tyrolean villages Fane Alm, lying on a small plateau between the mountain peaks, which can be accessed after the "Milky way" a lot of information about this typical product.

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