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Traveling beauty hurts: 4 tricks, how-to

Whether you are at your destination waiting for anything more fundamental shift from one place to another is always associated with a particular stress. Keeping yourself healthy and fresh look to it often seems impossible. Here are some tips on how to look after endless wandering excellent.

1st Nutrition for the Skin

Before the night on the plane to use a face moisturizer to the skin the next day beautiful. When pressure changes on the board because it is on drying. If you have oily skin, rather, take with you in your handbag cosmetic tissue paper. Wipe the problematic T-zone whenever it will glisten. Special napkin removes grease, without unnecessarily desiccated skin. Think also on her hands, which is suffering as well as facial skin. Include why a tube of cream for them.

Silk second lips

If you want to keep lips look fresh as long as possible, avoid prolonged and nesmyvatelným rtěnkám. Unnecessarily dehydrated. Instead, apply several layers of ordinary lipstick, let soak and coat shine. You can then apply again at any time - the mouth will then look like freshly painted. Do not forget the regular application balm generous benefits, especially at night. The vehicles are often overheated, which results in dehydration and cracking of the lips.

3. Clear eyes without shadows

Kratie If you traveling for a long time reading or watching movies, your eyes are tired after a few hours, irritated and red. Burning against you eye drops. They should become an integral part of your cosmetic equipment. Prior to travel, paint your eyes. If you were to miss bedtime odlíčit, mascara and eyeliners tend to be scattered, which looks too beautiful not deliver.

4. On the face do not touch!

When moving the sticks on hand a variety of microorganisms. For example, they can cause digestive or skin problems. If you're not carrying freshly washed hands, try to minimize the amount of touching your face and mouth. To increase the comfort and safety you can use commercially available travel disinfecting hands that fit into every little hand luggage.

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