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Kufstein: In harmony with nature

Who wants to spring and summer to experience the region Kufstein in the best form, he must come out into the countryside. There are many paths there. Approximately 1000 km of well-marked hiking trails for tourists to enjoy life and enthusiastic climbers. For everyone there is something - from relaxing routes for families to breathtaking climbing tours to the top of the famous Kaiser mountains.

Boar remains indomitable

For more than 50 years, Kaiser Mountains Nature Reserve. Despite its iconic status that the fauna and flora remains original and varied. Known nature reserve is a true paradise for hikers. Special light limestone, 1,000 meters high steep slopes and sharp peaks rocks over picturesque pastures lend "Wild Emperor" (solid WilderKaiser), his myth. In 1963 the initiative kufsteinské section Alpenverein entire WilderKaiser became a nature reserve.

Kaiser is a popular meeting place for climbers and hikers. Alpinists have climbed the world's first difficulty level VII. Hiking trails for all skill levels form a network of experiences leading through mountain valleys and peaks. In a flurry of huts and mountain inns tourists can strengthen organic products and regional delicacies. One of the most popular remains long and secluded romantic Emperor Valley (Kaisertal) even after it was connected to the road network. Who wants to get to him, he must overcome 282 steps. But this is just a small effort for the pleasure of the original beauty of the nature.

And again to the heights - nature experiences at Kaiser mountains

Also impressive is the natural formation of the Kaiser over the city of Kufstein. Up you get kufsteinským imperial lift, which transports tourists from April to October through two sections of the Wilder Kaiser massif. When visitors arrive at the height of 1,200 meters above sea level, it is expected untouched nature, wonderful hiking trails, spectacular locations, with the prospect of peaks and traditional mountain huts culture.

After so many activities and sports can not miss rest. Throughout the tourist region of Kufstein is located seven clear lakes for swimming with excellent water quality, which invites visitors to the cool refreshment. For example, under a mountain lake Thiersee Pendling true since time immemorial for a place in the region, which invites you to relax. Also, small waterfalls in the region is suitable as an ideal place to stop and refresh. The specialty of the watercourses in the area of ​​the Blue Spring in Erl, who in 1926 declared the first natural monument in Tyrol.

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