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Babyboom at Prague Zoo

Spring is in full swing and the Prague zoo so far this year welcomed over 350 young from more than 80 species.

Among the major breeding successes this year include male Giant Anteater Lecter or breeding one of the most endangered birds of the world - beauties krátkoocasých Java. Many fans soon after her birth, won the hippopotamus, who recently was named Flip christening, as well as a small male Indian elephant or a baby gorilla, which unexpectedly gave birth to a female Shinda.

The Prague zoo rejoice too many other pups that are not directly in the center of visitors' attention. These include three naughty offspring experienced meerkat mother Mopipi or small bison, who was born female razor. On Monday, May 2 will then become a mother Sarka - female elk who gave birth to her third baby.

Baby gorilla that was unexpectedly born female Shinde on Saturday 23 April, is alive and kicking. A new mother of his first child enjoys, and it seems that this will in many respects her. It is already a big eater, and after Shinde will probably have even taken deep root - from the early days because mom receives from the hard school. Shinda her cub had yesterday, for example while hauled back to the pavilion after which the gorilla mothers do usually much later. At the moment, he also confided female Kijivu, which has so far only one of the bands that privilege and can sometimes borrow cub.

Gorilla pavilion is open to the public. Visitors who come to admire the baby, gorilla family does not disturb.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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