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Bike season in full swing. Beware of head injuries

With the upcoming summer breaks more cycling season. Think of your safety and for strolls in the countryside do not drive without helmets. Remember that the vast majority of serious injuries represent a bicycle head injuries. Bicycle helmet can reduce the risk by up to 80%.

Properties correct helmet

Choose a helmet that meets safety approvals and provide you with effective protection in the event of a fall. "The helmet should definitely protect your head around its perimeter, often protects the ear and chin. Some manufacturers also produces specially shaped helmets that protect the head more in the rear. It is also important that the helmet on his head well and firmly seated. Only in this way because it can effectively protect the head, "says MD. Michaela Tomanová, senior consultant and director of the Rehabilitation Institute Brandys nad Orlici.

What injuries thanks to wearing a helmet can be avoided?

On this issue depends on the nature and mechanism of injury. Bicycle accidents can range from mild injuries to severe, which is, for example, brain injury with bleeding. "For such injuries can also go longer life or that a severe disability. If we are wearing a helmet, is not so high impact and injury to the brain, and thus may prevent more serious injuries. On the other hand, the helmet does not protect us from cervical spine injuries that often occur during severe impact. Therefore it is always necessary to constantly observe extreme caution, "says senior consultant Tomanová.

Quality helmet. available investment

The helmet is now necessary equipment of every cyclist and particularly in children should be obvious, even if they go a few meters. Bike helmets you can buy roughly a thousand crowns, so these are not an exorbitant sum. This investment can save your life. Today, helmets are also very flattering, comfortable and airy. Furthermore, they are a normal part of the equipment cycling gloves, which prevents the formation of calluses on the palms, glasses for protection against sun, wind, insects or flying objects.

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