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15 tips to combat addiction in a loved one

Dysfunctional family or loss of a relationship - these are just two of the many sad examples that may be the result of drug addiction. But how often stand out from the vicious circle? It is not easy - but impossible either.

  1. Find out as much information as possible about the problems of addictions and their treatment.
  2. Indulge concerned an environment in which the minimum triggers to induce craving for the addictive substance.
  3. Accept that your life has changed, and Do not get fixed for the old. A new life, in which it will be easier to operate without drugs, you have a dependent person create together.
  4. Help him with the search for alternative entertainment and relaxation, for which previously used cocaine.
  5. Do not apologize, and certainly not the same as him. Do not protect him from the negative consequences of his behavior.
  6. Agree with that on clear boundaries and rules that must be respected on both sides.
  7. If you choose a person on drugs to support financially, buy specific things or pay services that they need. Money as such would probably apply to the purchase of narcotics.
  8. Do not forget ourselves. To help another, it is important not to lose their own mental balance.
  9. Stop blaming yourself. You are not responsible for the decisions of others, and no one can forcibly compel a change.
  10. Not discuss with that when it is under the influence of drugs. And we do with it in such a state do not argue.
  11. Try dependent blaming or judging.
  12. If at all possible, do not be in a discussion addicted too negative. Reinforced feelings of guilt can push him further to seek comfort in the addictive substance.
  13. Name the person on drugs, changes in his behavior and any problems that you have in connection with the drug have observed. Reassure them that you care about his welfare.
  14. Allow the person concerned to comment. Lay open questions. It is not advisable to limit to rebuke and lectures.
  15. Do not try to close their addiction completely solve yourself. Ask for help from an expert. Accept the fact that quitting is a long haul.

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