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After tearing "eights" expression equals ice cream

Wisdom teeth are often just annoying - makes it difficult to pruning, and when he come through, so often spoils. Surely you've been in your neighborhood met with people who had undergone tearing eights, or it awaits you. Here's how tearing (and especially for recovery) survive best.

During the treatment itself is pain, you do not worry. Eights are extracted (tear) under local anesthesia. Worse period after surgery, when anesthesia wears off. The degree of pain depends on:
Amount of removed tissue - in order to equip the tooth from the bed, it is sometimes necessary to remove the bone that holds it in place. The key is that the doctor proceeded slowly and gently.
Inflammation - if you drove to the doctor pain or swelling, recovery will always be worse. Therefore, often tearing waiting until the acute infection subsides, it is not always possible however.
Individual pain threshold - everyone tolerates pain differently, and what one does not see nor can the second drive me crazy.

Three tips for relief after surgery

Of course there is a perfect anesthesia for tearing itself to a few hours after it persists.
Painkillers - Subsequent few days, the patient may help pain combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen, typically alternate after 3 hours (so that it is adhered to the recommended dosage of each drug after 6 hours).
Cold and cold again - In the first hours after the surgery is recommended to cool the face with ice. The more and the sooner, the better - the swelling will be much smaller. It is also possible to cool the inside, so the doctor head out straight to the ice cream. Attention only for nuts and chocolate pieces, that could get into the wound.
Without the mud - flush the wound never intentionally or suck the blood out of it.

Pain is normal to some extent

Pain relief should come within a few days. In the event that the pain would not alleviate, and what's worse, it stepped up, something is wrong. Probably it is a relatively frequent complication of tearing eights, called dry socket. It is a disruption of the healing process, when the dental bed for some reason none (or been removed, for example, wasteful irrigation) blood clot, which is a prerequisite for healing. Patients suffering from this complication have a temperature, a landscape torn out by the tooth is extremely painful, often present a strong odor from the mouth. In this case, you should immediately go to a doctor who cleans the bed of any impurities and appropriately treated.

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