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Holidays full of stars with a summer stage Harp

Summer scene Galerie Harfa in entering into a fifth season. For spectators from a total of 24 performances, which will take place in the period from 12 July to 4 September 2016.

This year's event called "Summer full of stars' will present a variety of popular Czech actors Petra Nárožný, Vaclav Vydra, Jan Šulcová, Luke Pavláska, Ludek Saturday, Frantisek Ringo Cech, Mojmir Maděřič, Martin Zounar, Halina Pawlowski, Zdenek Izer, Veronica Jeníková, Mahulena Bočanová and more ..

In addition to a large number of well-known theatrical personalities, this year differs from previous large repertoire also diversity. The visitors also get all performances at home, welcome drink, which will enhance the theater experience. One of the biggest attractions of this summer will be a successful one-man show Caveman, which fulfills the auditorium throughout the Czech Republic for more than 10 years. For the first time Caveman also present at the summer stage Harfa.

The sold-out auditorium organizers are waiting for other performances. One of them is a game in Paris, I was not expecting you, Father, in which the main role will present Peter Nárožný. Another comedy with a touch of France is hot news this year hostages without risk of Václav Vydra and Jan Stastny starring. Conversely English environment to visitors approaching comedy When cats are not at home. For viewers who enjoy more domestic environment is ready to play and Světáci League against infidelity.

The most successful performances last year classes not at the summer stage Harfa not miss the upcoming summer. The magnificent experience, viewers can repeat with comic one-man show Dad in the cult show The Vagina Monologues and its successful sequel body or talk show Halina Pawlowská zest for life.

Summer scene Harfa not forget the humor lovers, who can choose from a wide range of Czech entertainers. On the roof of Galerie Harfa presents for example Zdenek Izer their show Zdenek Izer and autokolektiv, stars of the show The Stands! Luke Pavlásek, Milos Knor and Nasty turn on the show Ltd. Comics. For all fans of the legendary performances Simek a Grossmann will be given an entertainment program Opening Day at Miloslav Simek, involving a number of former colleagues prominent Czech comedian, for example, Ludek Saturday and George Krampol.

Prague Theatre celebrates tenth birthday fairy tales and children to start the school year prepared a small gift as a show of their most successful tales. From 1 to 4 September 2016 always from 17 pm to small visitors can enjoy the performance Rats and lost Louis, Příhody Bee Bears, Blue Eyed Cat and musical fairytale princes are the dragon that every child knows, thanks to songs Zdenek Svěrák and Jaroslav Uhlir.

Summer scene Harp is ready for the bad weather. In case of rain, the show moved to the Theatre Gong, which is 200 m from the Galerie Harfa. The move is decided on the day of the performance at about 17 hours (in the case of tales in 15 hours).

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