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Monitoring of vehicles is increasing, decreasing your costs

Monitoring of vehicles is an effective instrument to control expenditure on their operation. Companies interested in this service has increased rapidly and their vehicles monitored by GPS large companies with hundreds of company cars and tradesmen with units of cars. Monitoring of vehicles can not only significantly reduce the company's fuel costs, but also allows you to get a comprehensive overview of vehicle use through integration and clear evaluation of the data obtained.

Monitoring of company vehicles is an increasingly popular way to get a perfect track of the movement of the car, thus optimizing both operation costs but also streamline its use. Vehicle monitoring unit is installed normally, so that it can not be easy to find, dismantle or damage. It will protect it from unwanted interference as dishonest employees and thieves in the event of theft. According to experts, the service more and more interest. "Interest in the monitoring of vehicles clearly growing. It does not matter the size of the company. Among our customers are companies with several hundred vehicles, as well as private individuals with one vehicle, "says Petr Brabec from the company's Principle, which delivers a complete solution for fleet management. Saving on fuel obtained by monitoring corporate fleet can be further increased by using discounted price of petrol or diesel.

Use of vehicle monitoring has its benefits as well as public transport. For example, Brno City Transport Company (DPMB) has incorporated monitoring units in all vehicles, ie trams, trolleybuses and buses. A vehicle every 25 seconds to transmit location information to the onboard computer. "With GPS we know the exact location of our vehicles. These data further our work dispatching. The fact that the cars are monitored, we have current information about whether they have delayed, overtaking or going on time, "says Barbara Lukšová, spokeswoman DPMB." GPS helps customers alike, because the position of the vehicles shown in IRIS. Passengers can find the link and learns, for example, how long before coming to a stop. This information also reflects into the electronic panels that display departure times at stops, "says Barbara Lukšová.

Monitoring of company vehicles, however, is not only simple monitoring of their position, which enables optimization of routes. In fact, using the mobile phone network sent more data than just the location and time. "Monitoring vehicle allows the use of information from the data bus vehicles and other equipment and terminals mounted in the vehicle. On the central server arrives information such as fuel level, a driver who currently drives one axle loads, temperature in the cargo area and so on, "says Petr Brabec that businesses require maximum integration of data obtained and transparent evaluation . Based on the data obtained is then also automatically generated electronic log book. Possibility to distinguish between private and professional driving permits a significant reduction in fuel costs.

Fleet manager or logistics worker can, thanks to online monitoring to track the location of each vehicle on the map, check driving style consumption per vehicle or correct the behavior of drivers who drove aggressively and wastefully. In addition to saving fuel for many companies has significant value, for example, information that their employees actually visited all the places that were, or exactly where at the moment is a truck delivering goods to eager customers. Detailed monitoring staff activity but is sometimes perceived negatively. "Questions regarding GPS monitoring receive several times a month. Penalized for breaches of privacy but it is rare," says David Pavlát, spokesman of the Office for Personal Data Protection. "The use of electronic locator taken finding the position of a vehicle in order to control the profession and use of vehicles during working hours is subject to the adequacy and other conditions in accordance with the labor Code. like when checking the presence of so-called employee timecard employment, the employer does not need to use this facility employee's consent, "says David Paul.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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