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Child Safety: space, quality materials and ergonomic furniture

The number of children injured by falling furniture since 1990 has increased by more than 40 percent. Secure the device while the nursery should be a priority for every parent. When we are arranging why we should think not only about the latest trends, but mainly on safety, materials and ergonomic furniture. Only in this way we will create a home for children without pitfalls.

The crucial role played by placement of furniture

Children's room is not just a room to store things of a child. On the contrary, should be mainly zone, playing and resting, where the child has enough space for both. Therefore, always start at equipping children's room with a bed which then determines the deployment of additional furniture. Practice is to place it opposite the entrance to the room, but not directly under the window, the child overnight neprochladlo. "The bed is positioned so that the space around it at least 75 cm, but ideally meter or more. With proper placement of furniture will have a baby in the room enough space, "advises Peter Triščíková of MT furniture.

Suitable furniture arrangement will reduce the likelihood of accidents and children can play without any limitation of the furniture. It should not be acquiring excessive amounts of storage space and shelves. For smaller children, not all the toys do not have to take its place. Their store will suffice box into which the children manage to hide their toys themselves and learn so keep the closet organized.

The base is stable furniture and high quality material

Especially small children often explore the world for us to illogical By supporting the furniture, his rozkýváváním and moving. That's why a growing number of children who are injured annually in the fall. Up to two thirds of children are injured toddlers who are just beginning to discover the world around them. All furniture must therefore meet the stability criteria. Dressers, wardrobes and television safely secured to the wall with simple brackets, so they do not tip. Of the higher parts of the furniture, then remove toys or remote controls. Now they often attract children to Lozen for furniture.

When choosing baby furniture is also important production material. "Especially small children tend to push everything into his mouth, so choose natural materials without chemical treatment. It is recommended that the furniture without the use of formaldehyde glue, "explains Petra Triščíková. If you would like wood furniture to add a color trend for this year is acrylic in bright and contrasting colors. Its use is universal, from night tables over the bookshelves to storage.

Ergonomics does not pay to underestimate

Though she did many parents are unaware of the danger lurking even in desk. When writing and drawing is child's body activates a large number of muscles and those need to provide appropriate support. Otherwise, the children quickly get tired and begin to sag when sitting in different ways, which does not indicate the body. Children should never resent the chair, or lack of support, should they climb out of her well on her sit. Ideally, choose a chair that supports the position tilted forward, upright and relaxed. Your child will spend at the table gradually more and more time, so it pays to invest in furniture.

Danger lurks at other places than you think

Once children begin to move by themselves, they are zvídané and want to explore everything. Real danger, however, are not aware of, so its reduction must fend for themselves. In the home, so you would not miss the pads sharp corners of furniture or a safety net. They prevent children climbing stairs or getting up not too safe rooms like the kitchen need. Danger often represent objects and where you should no threat occurred. A survey of British university showed that the mother of the first child proved in a model house full of children pitfalls identified only 40 percent of them. Surprisingly, as they may be dangerous and plush toys, after which small children to climb out of the crib, or even crayons that children can handle broken into smaller parts and then be swallowed or inhaled.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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