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How to save the northern white rhinoceros? Sami has not reproduce must enter science

In December 2015, in Austria, met a group of experts from around the world to discuss the imminent danger of extinction northern white rhinos (also known northern white, Ceratotherium simum cottoni) and the possibilities for their salvation. Summary of this historic meeting was recently published in the international scientific journal Zoo Biology.

Scientists and it tries to draw public attention to the threat of extinction of the northern white rhino and the ongoing efforts to save them, but also enable the scientific community to obtain and share new information regarding the extinction of mammals.

The last three known white rhinoceroses north live at Ol Pejeta, Kenya, where they were transferred from the zoo in Dvur Kralove in 2009. "Although we were unable northern white rhinos at the zoo reproduce, their current state of health does not have to carry a baby naturally," He describes the current situation Jan Stejskal, head of international projects Dvur Kralove Zoo. "We believe, however, that the latest scientific research presented at the meeting in Vienna last gives these individuals a chance to have spotted pups of their own kind."

Article about saving the northern white rhino includes issues related to genetic and cellular technologies, scientific ethics, but also the importance of long-term strategic thinking and communication among professionals. A key part of the discussion in December was mainly the need to preserve the genetic bank of frozen tissue samples, and male and female gametes (sperm and egg), without which the fight against the extinction of animal species in the future can not do.

"Genetic material of this rare form of rhinoceros is stored in kryobankách in San Diego and in Europe," said Oliver Ryder, an expert in genetics from the organization San Diego Zoo Global. "Genetic samples in the form of a living cell cultures, tissue and sperm together with the ability to create induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells for short) are the foundation of our hope for restoring viable population of northern white rhino. "

Because the genetic material of northern white rhinos available for research, considered by experts to advanced reproductive technologies for hope for the survival of this species.

"For the survival of the northern white rhinos will need new technologies, new scientific approaches and new solutions," says Joseph Saragusty from the Leibniz Institute for Research on wild and zoo animals (IZW) in Berlin. "To achieve this goal will also be necessary to create an international team of top experts from different sectors who participated in the rescue project a species that would otherwise be doomed to extinction involved, "adds Saragusty.

"From the very idea we have to develop a plan to save the northern white rhinos in the negotiations in Vienna have come a long way. I am glad that we found so many competent experts from various scientific fields who believe that through the use of advanced cellular and reproductive technologies we are able to save this species of rhinoceros. Now we must show that this new approach can really bring change, "says Thomas Hildebrandt, head of reproduction of Management of Berlin IZW.

Besides the exchange of information in the field of reproductive technologies, the experts also to issues relating to ethics and sense of incurring such large financial and other resources to the rescue of a single species. Experts believe that the information and experience gained through the effort to save the northern white rhinos will be used in the future as well as the rescue of other species that are facing the threat of extinction.


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