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"Creeping" project of the locks on the Vltava river in the UNESCO heritage

To serve Children's Island in Prague and its surroundings? The commercial interests of various companies or the public? Children's Island in Prague 5 after devastating floods for three years now closed and its opening is still not in sight ..

But there is an even bigger problem! Nearly aside the public eye and quietly runs the project management of new locks, which may forever change the appearance of the Vltava River in Prague Historical Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the right bank of the Vltava River about one hundred meters before the bridge destroyed by floods in the Legion Children's Island has to grow up completely new lock chamber "Old Town". It should be available plans 55 meters long and 11 meters wide. Intention to build a second chamber meets resistance from local citizens who live here. Guild Sanity submit comments and request for a proper consultation on the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transport. He also established a petition against the new lock.

"The new PK Old Town has to increase the capacity of the existing lock chambers Praha Smíchov about 50%, specifically from the current 23,000 ships a year for a total capacity of up to 38,000 ships per year. When preparing the project have not been evaluated no other option, there was no public discussion of the project, which can damage the very insensitively extremely valuable historic center of Prague. There may even threaten to withdraw funds allocated areas of UNESCO. A much better option is to us by limiting the number of vessels and consistent and strict control adjustment motor boats and the quality of their fuel. "Said Miroslav cack, chairman of the association Sanity.

Children left the island a mere sixth?

"The great shame of it is that the town hall in Prague 5 years now promises to launch Children's Island, but now endorsed the choice of processors studies and project documentation. Moreover, under the planned adjustment of the island for the children left with only one sixth of the area. In early June, it will be exactly three years when children can use the island and promises we already have enough. At the beginning of June we plan a protest action in front of the closed gates of the island, "said Milena Baker, representing the angry parents.

Against the dangers of the lock warn authorities

Czech Environmental Inspectorate states that the site can be expected to experience the critically endangered freshwater bivalve mussel painter. Health officials warn that the site is already burdened with excessive noise from traffic and over-limit values ​​are also concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and airborne dust. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a complement detailed noise study takes into account all sources of noise in the place. Specifically, the influence of road, tram and shipping, including the impact of existing locks. Dispersion study should be developed so as to reflect the impact on the wider environment, not only in the area of ​​the lock itself.

Directorate of Waterways of the Czech Republic on its Web site counts on the fact that the chamber is to start construction in January 2018. The project is now awaiting the assessment of the environmental impact of the Act on EIA. Although under certain conditions enabled the project preservationists City Council and the Ministry of Environment has reservations.

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