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Sad life of smokers or the erection killer nicotine

Smoking has a negative impact on human health. But what about the impact of tobacco on male impotence and erectile dysfunction directly? After reading these lines may pass a series of Lords on cigarette taste definitely.

As indicated Surveys

The idea of ​​the negative impact of smoking on quality of sexual life is already quite long discussed. The first experiments took place in the eighties, when it was even applied to patients sensor on the penis. While letting erotic films are then recorded average penis. Smokers figure was smaller, which means a weaker erection, and thus more prone to possible impotence. Followed by a study of men with high blood pressure. Based on data analysis included patients found that smokers have a 26 times higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Similar research was carried out a few, always would, however, they gave criticize the relatively small number of participating respondents. Therefore, recently went further, really extensive investigation.

The survey included a total of 3819 men diagnosed with impotence.
It turned out that 40% of men complaining of erection problems are also smokers, compared with 28% in the general population.
So either smoking causes impotence or problems in intimate life can lead to dependence on cigarettes.

Undermined manly strength

The culprit trouble getting an erection is a key component of tobacco smoke, thus nicotine. This substance causes vasoconstriction, which is a narrowing of blood vessels. This impairs blood supply in general, including perfusion topořivého body. Given that this is the main principle of erection, it is not surprising that occur in this respect problems. Furthermore, the more ardent consumer of tobacco, the difficulties are greater. Unfortunately it is also true for former smokers, although each day without a cigarette helps to restore the original function. Described negative effect is stronger immediately after smoking cigarettes. With a smile, however, be noted that the majority of smokers instinctively lights to intimate act.

Harms other factors

Of course, smoking can not blame all the problems with erectile dysfunction. The cause is more often on this issue also involved several factors. Stress, diabetes, some surgical interventions on the prostate or hypertension can also cause male impotence. If the mentioned difficulties with erection suffer, getting rid of tobacco dependence, it will only be beneficial.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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