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Fear of meat or sausages can for cancer?

Diet without schnitzels and sausages, a nightmare for all meat lovers. On the other hand, excess of anything most of the damage. And according to the World Health Organization, it is also the case of processed meat. His frequent consumption and increased risk of cancer of the colon and rectum together demonstrably related.

Fear of meat or sausages can for cancer?

Group of 22 experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) after a thorough review of the available resources concluded that red meat consumption is probably carcinogenic to humans, thus causing cancer. They are observed in particular associated with colorectal cancer, but also with prostate cancer and pancreas. Processed meat was then directly included in the group of carcinogenic foods that are one of the causative agents of colorectal cancer.

I bolognese sauce?

Red meat is any meat from mammals muscle - beef, pork, mutton, veal, lamb, goat or horse. Processed meat is that which has been modified:
any other process in order to improve taste or durability.

Most often this process goes through pork and beef. Tweaked may of course be other kinds of meat, offal or blood . Among processed meat also includes ham, sausages, salami, dried beef, corned meat and meat-based sauces such as Bolognese.

The Czechs love meat

The level of red meat consumption will vary across countries. For example, the average Czech dreaming of this food for around 80 kilograms, which is the average weight of Czech men. The conclusion of experts is that 50gramová serving of processed meat a day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. "The danger of this cancer due to the consumption of processed meat remains small. However, with the increasing amount zkonzumovaným rises, "says Dr. Kurt Streif, head of publishing monographs of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). IARC working group in this case examined more than 800 studies. They dealt with the links between consumption of red or processed meat and more than 12 types of cancer in many countries with different eating habits. The most important evidence comes from large studies conducted in the past 20 years.

What is important is the rate

"Our findings support the commonly known recommendations on limiting intake of red meat," said Dr Christopher Wild, Director of IARC. "On the other hand, this type of meat has important nutritional value. It is up to individual governments and their regulatory bodies to assess and balance the risks with the benefits and to draw up the most sensible dietary recommendations , "he adds. Likewise, each person must consider what amount of meat they eat is more beneficial for him and which already represents an unnecessary risk.

What it says World Health Organization?

WHO in connection with the above topic frequently responds to the following questions:
What is the worst finish of meat? During heat treatments at high temperatures, frying or grilling arises more carcinogenic compounds than other.
Accordingly, I eat only raw meat ?? The data regarding the consumption of raw meat and cancer are not available. What you should consider, however, it is a higher risk of infection.
How many cases of cancer each year to the expense of consumption of red and processed meat? According to recent estimates may go up globally about 34,000 cancer deaths a year.

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