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Just today: Vltava baptizes Sorcerer

Vltava led by singer, guitarist, poet and actor Robert Nebřenským this year celebrates thirty years since its founding. On this occasion, taking a tour named I'm waiting in Bohemia, which presents new album The Wizard and reminds most requested hits from her vast repertoire.

Spring Vltava part of a group tour culminates with a concert in Prague's Palac Akropolis today, May 26th at 19:00, which will be christened the new album.

The gala evening will be attended by guests who have contributed to the emergence of recordings. Several of them also with the group will perform in the role of guest drummer Peter's example will Čtvrtníček. Other performers will surprise even the band itself, as some of them log on to during the concert.

Another gift is a book listeners Vltava texts with illustrations by Robert Nebřenského that bears the name of the annual tour, I'm waiting in the Czech Republic. According to the information available, it also manages to give speeches in Prague and original songs songbook songs named Hurray !. "I'm glad to be on board the world and now freshly book with songbooks will be a minute, so I do not know," said Robert currently adding Nebřenský "but what I know - and I'm glad I did it during our tour could be reiterated - that we go everywhere in the country beautiful people. The fact that there are still receptive and doceňující audience, it gives me great encouragement. "

In the summer, the band moves on the outdoor stage and will visit a number of festivals.

The current band lineup:

Robert Nebřenský - guitar, harmonica
Francis Snack - keyboards, accordion
Carbon Thomas - bass guitar
Andrew Pomajsl - drums
Andrew Klímek - saxophones, flute

Source: tz, editorially modified

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