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Family comedy Ghosts trailer unveiled

The new family comedy Zdenek Troška Spooks enters theaters on August 18, but is already a trailer. The main roles will introduce a number of famous Czech actors - Tereza Kostková, Jiri Dvorak, Vladimir Polivka, Bronislav Kótis, Carmen Mayer, Matthew snake, Petr Nárožný, Vaclav Karel Postránecký or good.

Family Hejkal Hugo lived hitherto peaceful life in an old villa on the edge of town. Sweet creepy life-altering official foray Patocka, who found that for house for a number of years, no one pays the rent and still live there kind of crazy family. The verdict is harsh: pay or move out! Hejkal, water sprite or fairy will have to work.

Life for ordinary mortals will spooky family complex than it seemed at first glance. Meeting with the human world, where different rules apply than in the fairy tale will bring a series of comical and exciting situations. Our heroes must involve not only spells and lines, as well as family togetherness, love and courage, managed to outwit the bureaucratic red tape and win over the pitfalls of "ordinary" people.

What is the film ghosts of our own, the most complex real world? "Introduction to the world of people, its laws and customs; something did not understand, did not understand something explained to you on their own. Just a bit of confusion on both sides, but always funny, "says director Zdenek Troška.

He also prepared his actors demanding a "program" - the costumes, stunts, need to play so that it is possible to finish tricks. Were you surprised by any of the actors of the need to handle stunts or challenging scenes?
"Perhaps the most vodník Jiri Dvorak just that he had to plunge in October into the icy waters of the castle pond. But he took a bath and Matthew snake in the role of philandering theater director and stuntman Paul Bezděk as the husband of Teresa Bebarová-, owner of laundry and cleaning, "he recalls filming director.

Currently he is working diligently film tricks which the film several tens. Among the most include transformation and disappearance of each character, just like Water sprite changes Jiri Dvorak.

Trailer can be found here

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