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Prague's streets come alive with sculptural festival SCULPTURE LINE

Tomorrow begins the second annual festival of sculpture SCULPTURE LINE and in June gradually adorn nearly two dozen public spaces throughout Prague, original sculptures and installations.

A six-foot steel meteorite Italian artist Riccardo Cordero in Baar Park, seven-meter question mark on the Vltava River Japanese maker Junichiro Ishii, playful feet of water Kurt Gebauer placed in Vojanovy orchards and majestic bronze horses Michal Gabriel's "galloping" after the piazza of the National Theatre - it is a mere fraction of the stops this year's Prague "sculptural lines." It is open during June Praguers and tourists, and after four months they will offer a unique opportunity to experience the old familiar places in a completely new context, and admire the artwork. The festival will last until the end of September.

"SCULPTURE LINE comes for residents and visitors to Prague and wants to be a statue, or installing met in the natural environment of their everyday lives. It offers them the opportunity to new perspectives on familiar and mundane places, possibility to discover in them a new and unfamiliar stories, "explains founder and festival director Andrew Škarka.
More information, including maps, annotations of sculptures and list of authors will be available on

This year's festival again present a variety of original sculptures and installations. Apart from these works deserve attention as well as three Manty Michael Trpák that will hover above the heads of visitors to the New Town Hall, and Bear Ondrej Bilek, who will stand guard in front of the Dancing House. All those who will walk around the building Black Swan, will entice you to sit a chair in the shape of a giant hand from the workshop of Alexandra Koláčková. SCULPTURE LINE, however, will not only downtown, but leads his followers into its periphery. Dolni Brezany adorn mysterious Corpus Angelicus Stefan Milkov, at the bobsled run Prosek will do squats giant figure Instructor James Flejšar and a marble fountain Francis Svátek finds its place in Chodovský Business Park.

Last year's premiere edition SCULPTURE LINE attracted the attention of twenty sculptures of sixteen authors interested in variations on the Buddha statue at the airport Vaclav Havel, Explorers hovering on the Vltava river and not without humor spinners and Great clothes in the courtyard of the New Town Hall. Now some of last year's sculptures, which are in their seats squatted in the long term, will form a specific part of the route. Such include the chair from designer Alexandra Koláčková, which won both residents and council Dolni Brezany, a giant shark fin in Futurama Business Park or the original bench, which now offers visitors a relaxing Hospital Bulovka.


Sculpture festival in the streets of Prague

Prague 1. 6. - 30. 9. 2016

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