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Rio Olympic Collection 2016: Zátopkova character and caps

Rio Olympic Collection 2016: Zátopkova character and caps For the fourth time, after the successful Olympic collections from Vancouver, London and Sochi, they paved the way designers Alpine Pro. They will repeat the success of psychedelic circles, boots, fur jackets and gold lining? This will hit cognitive colorful caps!

"Emil Zatopek, a phenomenal runner, whose motive is to bring Czech athletes to the Olympic triumph, just as he did it himself at the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952, when he won three gold medals, is the main motive of every piece of the collection. We hope that the collection will not only athletes, but also the fans like it, and that during the Olympic year, not only in the Olympic village, but also in the Czech streets everyone will be enthusiastic athlete shine Czech tricolor, "says Vaclav Hrbek, owner and founder of Alpine Pro. "After the success of the Olympic designs collections for Vancouver, London and Sochi, which exceeded our expectations, it was a great challenge for us to create another collection and also a great commitment to the WWTP and athletes. Simply with a collection for Rio again succeed and create a better and more comfortable conditions. Also because we were looking for, along with the Czech Olympic Committee motif, a symbol that is distinctive and interesting. And that was established links with sports legend Emil Zátopek, "said Hrbek.

On the collection of a team of ten designers headed by Lucie Kuříkovou and Patrik Nábělek for two years, in cooperation with Czech athletes who have tested the pieces. The collection includes a total of 20 pieces of women's and men's 20 pieces of equipment. Men's and women's collection differs cut, colored zips on jackets and shirts colors. Mens more shades of blue and red ladies. The ladies also have a collection in white skirt and gentlemen multicolored shirt with colored circles.

At the time of the Olympic Games in Rio there in winter, so are summer collection besides classic articles such as flip flops, hats, shorts and light shirts and jackets with the inclusion of PTX membrane, which nepromoknou, the wind does. The painting figures Emil Zatopek collection is accompanied by the inscription CZECH REPUBLIC, which will not only athletes to wear proudly on his chest, but also for example to hem pants. The author of the idea of this inscription is Kuříková Lucie, who along with his academic painter Milan Jaros denounced final appearance and carefully placed it on the pieces of the collection. "Prepare the Olympic collection with maximum emphasis on functionality and design. In the development of this unique collection, which will be able to dress only Czech Olympians, but every true fan, we have traditionally involved and athletes who test and individual pieces commented. We are proud that we are already the fourth partner of WTP and can thereby contribute to the success and good performance representatives of the Czech Republic and also hope that the collection will interest every fan that will be our athletes during their performances need, "said Václav Hrbek.

In the collection, but you can also find news that is leisure shirts, each piece an original. Printed materials were unified. After starting to cut, they are brightly colored circles in completely different positions, and therefore any other. These shirts will take just anyone. In addition, if you like the athletes you add one of eight for Brazil typical hats, which are made in the colors of the Czech tricolor, and also in the Olympic colors, you can not overlook. The original accessories in the form of colored frogs and other improvements, whether it's a zip-shaped "Zátopková" spikes fandítko, sunglasses and document folders are also in this collection Olympic course.

Collection for athletes includes 20 items for women and 20 for men items. Olympic collection for the fans, then overall, including accessories and cheering subjects contains 70 articles. Olympians in the collection presented at the opening ceremony, will take her medals and spend leisure time.

Products are made ​​of highly functional materials, developed together with athletes (such as biathletes Gabriela Soukalová and Ondrej Moravec, slalom Lawrence Hradílek, canoeist Martin Fuksa) designers and Alpine Pro. The athletes commission that prepared the collection, sat: water slalom Lawrence Hradílek, basketball player Ilona Burgrová, badminton player Petr Koukal, Martin Doktor for WWTP. Cuts collection of materials and then tried canoeist Martin Fuksa and swimmer Baumrtová.
Collection before production officially sanctified and wife of Emil Zatopek, Olympic gold medalist Dan Zátopková.

Photos from the official presentation of the collection

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